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Chapter 47 - Competition

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Chapter 47: Competition Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
Seeing Lin Feng’s terrifying killing speed, be it Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe, or Yu Shan, all of them unleashed their greatest power and began killing as quickly as possible.
At the rear of the dire beast horde, the number of ordinary dire beasts had actually been greatly reduced already. Replacing them were numerous elite dire beasts and dire beast lords.
This was the base of the dire beasts. It was natural for there to be many powerful dire beasts.
Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings was flying in the air and had a natural advantage. With a casual wave of his hand, he shot out a scarlet force akin to flames, which exploded among the horde of dire beasts. Even elite dire beasts could not resist it and were killed instantly.
Meanwhile, dire beast lords were inevitably injured as well. They could not hold out against more than three shots. Thus, not only was Shui Yuansheng’s speed of killing the highest, there wasn’t much danger to it.
Extraordinary talent did indeed provide a huge advantage. It was also through this convenience that Shui Yuansheng could firmly occupy the first place on the merit rankings.
However, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe was not bad either. After he entered the berserk state, his strength increased greatly. Be it elite dire beasts or dire beast lords, neither could withstand a single blow from Gao Tianci. Moreover, Gao Tianci’s attacks were extremely violent, and his being also emitted a
fiendish aura. As a result, almost none of the dire beasts Gao Tianci slew had an intact corpse.
Compared to Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci, who could crush almost everything, Yu Shan was slightly inferior. He was powerful because he could use all kinds of profound martial arts at will. No matter what dire beasts he faced, no matter how many dire beasts he faced, Yu Shan could handle them
calmly and with ease. However, as a result, his killing speed wasn’t considered fast, and fell behind even Lin Feng. At the moment, he was ranked fourth on the merit rankings.
Lin Feng killed dire beasts with one slash each. Fortunately, he had practiced the Lightning Arc Saber Technique and mastered it. Otherwise, in terms of killing speed alone, he would be far inferior to Shui Yuansheng and the others.
But even so, his merit points were still a bit lower than Shui Yuansheng and Tyrant Axe’s. He was ranked third at the moment.
“This won’t do. In terms of killing speed, Shui Yuansheng has too much of an advantage. Tyrant Axe, who has the berserk superpower, can’t be underestimated either. Although my speed is fast, I’m still inferior to these two, unless I can kill more dire beast lords.”
Lin Feng was no longer satisfied with just killing the elite dire beasts. He was very strong, and his raw physical strength had reached eight tons. In addition, he had the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. Even if he encountered a dire beast lord, he could almost kill one with a slash each.
Since his killing speed was slightly slower than Shui Yuansheng and Tyrant Axe’s, he could only make up for the quantity with quality. If he tried his best to kill as many dire beast lords as possible, his merit points would naturally increase very quickly.
Hence, Lin Feng stared intently at the horde of dire beasts in front of him. Without delay, he continued heading for the back, almost charging deep into the base of the dire beasts.
These dire beasts also seemed to feel provoked. Lin Feng, Shui Yuansheng, Gao Tianci, and Yu Shan seemed to encounter no resistance at all as they slaughtered the dire beasts wantonly, and these dire beast lords could no longer tolerate it.
A great number of dire beast lords charged towards the three of them. Lin Feng in particular was charging the fastest, and seemed to be constantly charging forward. Hence, the number of dire beast lords that charged towards Lin Feng was also the greatest.
A bolt of joy rushed through Lin Feng. Not only did he not retreat, he continued to charge forward.
Swish! Swish! Swish!
Streaks of blade light swung like cutting machines. Any dire beast that was struck by the blade light, even dire beast lords, would die instantly. Lin Feng did not have any agile movement techniques, so it was impossible for him to not take any hits. However, his powerful physique came into play now.
Lin Feng could withstand even a blow from a dire beast lord. At most, he would suffer a small injury, and his self-restorative ability would allow him to quickly recover.
In terms of physique, Lin Feng’s physique was much stronger than even that of a dire beast lord. This kind of defense, restorative ability, and even endurance were most suitable for this kind of battlefield.

Lin Feng seemed to be tireless as he slaughtered a large quantity of dire beasts in a frenzy. Gradually, his position on the merit rankings also changed subtly. Lin Feng, who was originally temporarily ranked third, actually rose to the first place gradually. Furthermore, the gap between him and the second
place, Shui Yuansheng, continued to widen.
No, the first place will definitely be mine. No one can take it away!”
Shui Yuansheng had always been the strongest genius in Dragon Mountain Base. How could he allow Lin Feng to take the first place?
Thus, Shui Yuansheng flapped his wings and landed on the ground. Then, he charged into the midst of the dire beast lords. He actually stopped flying and began fighting directly.
Apart from his ability to fly, Shui Yuansheng was actually very powerful as well, and not inferior to Gao Tianci. As Shui Yuansheng began to unleash his power, his merit points also rose rapidly.
Of course, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe would not give in to others. He also charged into the encirclement of the dire beast lords.
As the few of them slaughtered in a frenzy, the competition also became more and more heated. Their merit points were all very close to each other. When the 16 inhuman experts behind saw this, they were also very satisfied.
After amassing such a generous reward this time, they had no intention of allowing someone to claim it so easily. If they did not enter a hard battle, and enter life-or-death situations, how could they possibly break the genetic lock?
Right now, Shui Yuansheng and the others were surrounded by a horde of dire beasts, and there was a large number of dire beast lords. It was actually very dangerous. If they were injured and there was no one to support them at the back, they might even die.
Long Duo nodded and said, “These little fellows are all very good. Yu Shan is indeed a little inferior, and his talent is a little lower. He’s at somewhat of a disadvantage in such a competition. However, his comprehension ability is very strong. It’s not impossible for him to break the genetic lock in the
“Chief Commander, that Lin Feng is even better. He can actually master the Lightning Arc Saber Technique, and his comprehension ability is very strong. However, his strongest aspect is his physique. In my opinion, his raw physical strength must even exceed five tons!”
“Five tons? I’m afraid you’ve underestimated him.”
Long Duo smiled, but did not explain in detail. In the entire Dragon Mountain Base, Londo had the highest authority. After some investigation, he had naturally found some clues.
Lin Feng’s physical strength might very well far exceed five tons, reaching more than eight tons!
Eight tons of physical strength was actually very terrifying. At least, even some of the genius martial artists that Long Duo valued did not have such terrifying strength.
He did not know if Lin Feng had any superpowers related to strength, but with such strength, there was no doubt that his physique must be good. He had great potential that was not inferior to Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci in the slightest.
“Chief Commander, shouldn’t we take action now? These four little fellows are indeed quite good, but we still have to win this war.”
“That’s right. Winning the war is the most important thing. Have you confirmed the location of those demons?”
“We’ve confirmed it long ago, there are six demons in total!”
“All right, let’s do it then.”
Long Duo nodded as well and gave the command to the other 15 inhuman experts. The most essential thing to winning this war was killing the six demons!
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