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Chapter 43 - Reward Plan

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Chapter 43: Reward Plan Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
The atmosphere at the frontline became more and more oppressive as time went by. Even the savage dire beasts became quiet. The more such an atmosphere carried on, the more nerve-wracking it was.
Everyone knew that this was the calm before the storm. Once the decisive battle erupted, it would be a trial of blood and fire.
In reality, human martial artists had a huge advantage. At least when facing the dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain region, this victory was almost certain. However, the reason why a decisive battle still broke out was that the dire beasts could no longer retreat.
‘The Dragon Mountain region was the territory of those dire beasts, and dire beasts were very territorial. Once they retreated, if they could not find an unclaimed place and infringed the territory of other dire beasts, it would mean a fight to the death.
Thus, the dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain region could no longer retreat. They had no choice but to fight with their lives.
This was a battle for survival between humans and dire beasts. There was no right or wrong in it, only differing interests.
In the base of the frontline headquarters, 16 battalion leaders were gathered. They were all inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock, and possessed magnificent power comparable to those terrifying demons!
This decisive battle was organized mainly by these 16 inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock. They were responsible for controlling the demons among the dire beasts. What remained were left to the professional martial artists to deal with.
Of course, there was another commander at the headquarters, and that was the leader of Battalion One, Long Duo. Although Long Duo had the face of a Westerner, he was definitely a native Asian.
Furthermore, Long Duo was very powerful. He had broken the genetic lock 28 years ago and became a famous inhuman expert. Now, he was overseeing the Dragon Mountain Base in order to completely occupy the Dragon Mountain region and turn this area into human territory.
Long Duo appeared very relaxed. After he glanced at the other 15 people, he said with a smile, “Everyone, you’re almost done with your preparations, right? In particular, there must be no mistake in the arrangements for the 20 seeds.”
“Chief Commander, don’t worry. Everything has been arranged. There are three seeds in your Battalion One.”
Long Duo nodded and said, “The risk of this decisive battle is actually not high. Victory and defeat are no longer important. Therefore, the focus of this decisive battle is to hope that an inhuman expert who can break the genetic lock can be born among the seeds. How many years has it been since an
inhuman expert was born in our Dragon Mountain Base?”
The others all fell silent. In fact, other than fighting with dire beasts, every base in the Outland had an indicator of “competition” between people.
That would be inhuman experts!
‘The Dragon Mountain Base was the base of the Myriad Academy. There were many martial artists related to the Myriad Academy. Even these 16 inhuman experts were almost all former students of the Myriad Academy.
Although Dragon Mountain Base was quite powerful, inhuman experts had not been born in up to a decade. Inhuman experts had more or less been born in other bases, but only Dragon Mountain Base had none.
Therefore, the 16 inhuman experts of the Dragon Mountain Base were very anxious. They were anticipating it in secret.
There was actually no need for a decisive battle like this to take place. Most of the dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain region had been gradually killed by the 16 inhuman experts. They could just kill them off slowly.
However, they had decided to launch the decisive battle, precisely because they hoped that a martial artist would unleash their potential in life-or-death combat in the decisive battle, and thus break the genetic lock to become inhuman.
For this reason, they also arranged for the 20 professional martial artists with the greatest potential in Dragon Mountain Base to be seeds. The 20 of them in total were actually the top 20 people on the merit rankings.
High hopes were placed on all of these seeds by the 16 inhuman experts.
However, this news was blocked. Only the 16 inhuman experts knew about it. Even those seeds did not know that they had become seeded competitors, let alone that their every move was being watched by the 16 inhuman experts.
“Chief Commander, can we announce the reward policy now?”
One of the inhuman experts said.

Long Duo and the others felt that it was not enough to just let the seeded competitors participate in the final battle. They also had to let them participate actively. It would be best if all of them put their lives on the line. Thus, there must be rewards, and generous ones.
“You can announce it now. Launch the attack an hour after announcing the reward policy.”
Long Duo’s tone was solemn, and there was faint anticipation in his eyes.
The 16 inhuman experts actually paid a heavy price for this reward policy. He was very much looking forward to someone breaking the genetic lock and becoming inhuman.
“Gather. Gather at once for the new announcement.”
All the martial artists at the frontline were mobilizing. It seemed that there was some important news to be announced.
Lin Feng and Feng Xiu immediately gathered as well. There was a hint of confusion in their eyes. Actually, it wasn’t just the two of them. The others were also very confused. They looked at each other, clearly not knowing what the news was.
Platoon Nine and all the other platoons all gathered. They were waiting for the arrival of the leader of Battalion Thirteen, where they belonged to.
Very quickly, a stream of light descended from the sky and slammed into the ground.
The entire ground seemed to be shaking, as if a meteor had landed on the ground. As the dust dispersed, a figure gradually appeared in the flowing light that landed on the ground.
It was the leader of Battalion Thirteen, Zhong Tao!
Zhong Tao was an inhuman expert who had broken the genetic lock. His figure was extremely tall and sturdy, looking extremely imposing. Even Lin Feng’s expression froze. He sensed a strong threat from Zhong Tao.
Inhuman experts — this was what inhuman experts were. They walked in the air, possessed extraordinary strength and all sorts of miraculous methods, like true gods.
Everyone’s eyes were filled with envy and reverence. This was their battalion leader, and their goal. After all, all the martial artists who came to the frontline desired to break the genetic lock themselves.
Zhong Tao had a rather bold and unrestrained character. He glanced at all the martial artists of Squad Thirteen, then loudly said, “Little fellows, you’re in luck this time. After a discussion among the 16 battalion leaders, we will absolutely reward those with outstanding performances in this decisive battle.
Apart from double the points during the final battle, as long as you can attain top three in the merit rankings, you will receive reward points.
“The first place will be rewarded with 100,000 points!
“The second place will be rewarded with 20,000 points!
“The third place will be rewarded with 10,000 points!”
With Zhong Tao’s announcement, all the martial artists in the entire Battalion Thirteen burst into enthusiastic discussion. This was too sudden. The sudden announcement of the reward plan was completely unexpected.
In the previous decisive battles, there had never been any rewards other than doubling points, let alone such a generous reward.
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