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Chapter 26 - Challenging the Virtual Battle Chamber Again

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Chapter 26: Challenging the Virtual Battle Chamber Again Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“We can’t see the situation inside the Virtual Battle Chamber from the outside, though?”
“This is such a rare opportunity. Other than the seniors who went to the Outland, Senior Lin Feng is probably the strongest in the academy right now. It’s a pity we can’t see Senior Lin Feng’s battle scenes.”
“Actually, it’s not impossible. The battle situation in the Virtual Battle Chamber can be viewed with one point per battle.”
It had to be said that the administrator of the Myriad Academy was definitely a businessman. Doing anything in Myriad Academy cost money. Even spectating a show like this cost money, and a lot of money at that.
Watching one battle cost one point, which was one million yuan. Watching a battle for one million yuan might seem like a fantasy outside the academy, but within the Myriad Academy, especially under such circumstances, many students were not lacking in money. They were willing to spend one million to watch a battle between top geniuses.
Hence, one of the students walked forward and used his identity card to submit one point. Immediately, Lin Feng’s figure gradually appeared on the big screen outside the Virtual Battle Chamber.
“Look, it’s Senior Lin Feng.”
“Senior Lin Feng is actually challenging Senior Luo He, who is ranked 500th, from the get-go.”
“Senior Luo He has already graduated. I heard that when he was still in the academy, he applied to go to the Outland as well, and killed many dire beasts. Unfortunately, he was still unable to break the genetic lock by the time he reached 25, and left the academy in dejection.”
Lin Feng was in the Virtual Battle Chamber. He did not know that his battle was being watched by hundreds of people outside.
He had indeed challenged Luo He, who was ranked 500th. The other party was also a Grade Nine professional and had an impressive battle record. His strength far exceeded that of Feng Xiu. Furthermore, Luo He was a martial artist who had gone to the Outland to kill dire beasts. He was the best touchstone.
“Wild Bovine’s Tread!”
Lin Feng did not dare to treat it lightly. As soon as the battle started, he immediately used the Wild Bovine’s Might. All the energy in his body surged out in a majestic manner. He charged towards Luo He like a rampant Wild Bovine.
Wild Bovine’s Might was the first martial art that Lin Feng had mastered, but it was ultimately just an ordinary martial art. In the beginning, Lin Feng’s strength was weak, and it could still double his strength.
But now, as Lin Feng could master his entire body, his pure physical strength had also increased substantially. He could easily unleash more than four tons of strength. Hence, the Wild Bovine’s Might could only increase Lin Feng’s attack power to about five tons. The increase was not huge, but the power was strong.
Normally, a Grade Nine professional would only have two tonnes of strength. With the enhancement of martial arts, it could basically reach three tonnes or more. Those that could reach four tonnes were very powerful.
Luo He was one of the best among Grade Nine professionals. He was also known for his strength. Moreover, after he unleashed his martial arts, his strength could even reach 3,500 kilograms. This was already very terrifying, but when he encountered Lin Feng, he could not even withstand a single blow. His figure was instantly shattered.
Challenge successful!
“So weak?”
Lin Feng was a bit surprised. He thought highly of Luo He. After all, he was an expert who could fight against the dire beasts in the Outland. However, he couldn’t even withstand a single punch from Lin Feng.
This was not actually because Luo He was weak, but because Lin Feng was too strong. Ever since he had found his consciousness, he had been able to master the power in his entire body. That was the power of fusing two types of dire beast genes, and his overall physical fitness had reached an unimaginable level.
Hence, defeating Luo He was a piece of cake.

Defeating Luo He caused a huge commotion among the students outside. They already knew that Lin Feng was very strong, but most of them had not seen it with their own eyes. Now that they saw the situation in the Virtual Battle Chamber, many people gasped.
Even Luo He could not withstand a single punch, and it seemed like Lin Feng had yet to use his full strength. If he used his full strength, how strong would Lin Feng be?
“Could Senior Lin Feng have the strength of the top 100?”
Top 100 was the honor of the Myriad Academy. It was even highly regarded in the entire martial arts world. All martial artists who could become the top 100 were the pinnacles of professional martial artists. They could easily kill elite dire beasts, and even the dire beast lords could contend against them.
Therefore, the top 100 martial artists of the three martial academies were basically the cornerstones of the professional martial artists in the Outland. They were the ones most likely to break the genetic lock!
Lin Feng had just arrived at Myriad Academy, and he was already in the top 100? This was very rare, even among the three major colleges. In the decades Myriad Academy had been founded, there were only a few people with such strength. However, they all came from martial families, and received early mentoring from genetic experts in their families to be able to attain such power.
The screen dimmed. Lin Feng’s first battle had ended. Unlike how they had hesitated before, this time, almost instantly, someone spent a point to check Lin Feng’s battle scene again.
This time, Lin Feng challenged Wei Gang, ranked 136th!
The reason why Lin Feng challenged Wei Gang was very simple. There was a very striking introduction in Wei Gang’s information. Wei Gang had once killed a powerful dire beast lord.
A dire beast lord was no small matter. Although it seemed like human martial artists at the same level had the advantage, dire beast lords usually had peak bloodlines. In particular, some dire beasts lords with powerful bloodlines were even more terrifying. Even a few Grade Nine professional martial artists might not be their match.
All human martial artists that could single-handedly kill a dire beast lord were extremely famous and powerful.
Lin Feng wanted to test his strength. Hence, when he saw that someone could kill a dire beast lord, he naturally challenged him immediately.
Wei Gang was a young man who looked ordinary, even somewhat ugly. He had a tall and sturdy build, and his face was covered in bumps. He looked very fierce.
Swish. As soon as Wei Gang appeared, he slashed out with his saber. The mighty saber light almost locked onto Lin Feng’s figure, giving him the feeling that he couldn’t dodge it no matter how hard he tried.
“Lightning Arc Saber Technique?”
Lin Feng recognized it at a glance. It was the famous Lightning Arc Saber Technique in the Myriad Academy, which cost as high as 80 points, and it was created by an inhuman expert.
The core of the saber technique was very simple. It was fast, incomparably fast, even like the light.
Of course, the speed of Wei Gang’s blade technique was definitely far from the speed of light, but in the eyes of others, Wei Gang’s blade technique was like a blade of light, so fast that its trajectory couldn’t be seen clearly.
Lin Feng’s speed wasn’t slow. In fact, he was rather fast. After all, his agility attribute was very high as well. However, he could not dodge this attack. For the first time, Lin Feng felt a sense of danger.
However, this also thrilled Lin Feng. This was the kind of battle he wanted. This was the kind of opponent he wanted!
Without any hesitation, Lin Feng roared, “Break!”
It was a simple punch, but it wasn’t simple, because Lin Feng had used the Spiral Force.
There was only one Spiral Force in the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering, and this was the first time that Lin Feng had used this Spiral Force. Even though his body was virtual, this virtual program was really not simple. With a thought from Lin Feng, he sensed a force erupting within his body like a volcano, and his body felt like it was about to explode.
The Spiral Force rushed out and when he punched out, it seemed like there was really a “spiral-shaped” force that compressed the air to the limit and crashed into Wei Gang’s blade of light in midair.
Boom. The two forces collided, and waves of air blasted in all directions. Even Lin Feng’s figure seemed to be drowned out by the waves of air. The huge screen outside lit up with a dazzling white light.
“Who won?”
“The challenge failed?”
“Is this really the power of a professional martial artist?”
The students outside were all very confused. They were really stunned by the scene of the battle just now.
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