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Chapter 24 - Easily Defeated

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Chapter 24: Easily Defeated Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
The crowd parted, and Lin Feng entered. At once, he saw Zhang Qiji, who was being stepped on by Feng Xiu. He gaze turned cold instantly.
“You’re the number one freshman prodigy, Lin Feng?”
Feng Xiu was also studying Lin Feng, but his eyes were filled with arrogance.
“If there’s no one else among the freshmen called Lin Feng, that’s probably me.”
Lin Feng was also a little surprised. When did he become the number one prodigy? Ever since he came to the Myriad Academy, he had barely interacted with any other students apart from Zhang Qiji.
Lin Feng did not know that although he lived in seclusion and only interacted with Zhang Qiji, the Myriad Academy had heard of him for a long while, and he had a great deal of fame.
When the rescue video was released last time, Lin Feng became a “celebrity”. It was well-known among students of the Myriad Academy. His explosive punch had attracted countless people to attempt smashing cars as well.
However, they just wound up with injuries from being struck by the cars. These students only realized after experimentation that not all professional martial artists could smash a speeding car with one punch.
After that, it was Lin Feng’s feat of being ranked 8000th when challenging the Virtual Battle Chamber for the first time. Up until now, the best ranking among the new students was still over 10,000.
Lastly, of course, was Zhang Qiji publicizing that Lin Feng had killed Long Weiping. That was a living example and a bloody battle record. Hence, although Lin Feng did not interact much with the other students in the academy, he had firmly taken the position of the number one freshman prodigy.
Feng Xiu’s target was actually Lin Feng. In his opinion, a new student merely ranked 8000th really had an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities. He was already ranked 800th in the Virtual Battle Chamber, a ranking much higher than Lin Feng’s.
Zhang Qiji’s unbridled publicizing had already made the seniors unhappy. Feng Xiu also wanted to teach the freshmen a lesson, and let them know that geniuses were still among the seniors of Myriad Academy, and the freshmen should learn humility.
In reality, Lin Feng did not want to participate in these petty disputes at all. He was pressed for time and did not want to waste any time. To him, these petty disputes were purely a waste of time.
However, this matter involved Zhang Qiji, and Zhang Qiji had been beaten up so badly for his sake, so Lin Feng did not mind fighting for it. With his current strength, he had nothing much to fear other than inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock.
“Release him and fight me. If you win, you can demand any conditions. If you lose, apologize to Zhang Qiji, and apply to leave Myriad Academy for the Outland.”
“Eh? Apply to go to the Outland?”
Hearing Lin Feng say this, Feng Xiu was very surprised. It was very dangerous to go to the Outland. It was precisely because he was afraid of death and danger that he dragged his heels over doing missions in the Outland. Naturally, people with such a mentality could forget about breaking the genetic lock in their lifetime.
However, Feng Xiu did not think that he would lose. Hence, he agreed immediately. “Fine, we’ll do this on your terms. However, if you lose, you’ll have to apply to go to the Outland too.”
“Brother Feng, don’t agree to it. Going to the Outland is suicide.”
Zhang Qiji was originally very happy. That Lin Feng had come was already a great honor for him. But now, if Lin Feng lost in the end because of him and had to apply to go to the Outland, Lin Feng’s life would be in danger.
Lin Feng glanced at Zhang Qiji, then nodded and said, “I agree. I was already planning to apply to go to the Outland.”
“Haha, you want to go to the Outland when you’re only ranked 8000th? Do you have a death wish?”

Feng Xiu guffawed.
Lin Feng’s expression remained the same. His sharp gaze focused on Feng Xiu. Feng Xiu’s smile grew increasingly awkward. Eventually, he had to stop smiling and kicked Zhang Qiji away.
“Before you go to the Outland, I’ll teach you a lesson so that you don’t go to there to die in vain. The dire beasts in the Outland won’t be so reasonable.”
A sharp glint flashed across Feng Xiu’s eyes. Then, a strange crackling sound came from within his body as he threw a punch. It sounded like thunder. This was a profound martial art called the Thunderquake Art. It was worth 60 points, and was without a doubt considered a first-rate martial art.
As Feng Xiu threw the punch, the air pressure seemed to be compressed to the extreme, and even the air itself seemed to be vibrating. Once it landed on a person, there would be a formidable vibration force.
Moreover, the power of this punch was extremely strong. Lin Feng estimated that it had probably exceeded three tons. If this were in the past, Lin Feng would only be able to use the Wild Bovine’s Might to fight it head-on, and he would probably be at a disadvantage.
But now, Lin Feng did not move at all. He just threw a simple punch casually.
Snap. With just a casual punch, Lin Feng released a sonic boom. All the energy in Lin Feng’s body surged out. Every cell in his body cheered, and every inch of his flesh and blood erupted with energy. He did not use any moves, nor did he exert the Wild Bovine’s Might. It was only a casual punch.
Bang. The two fists collided head-on.
In an instant, Feng Xiu’s face turned red and his entire body trembled. It was as if he was trying desperately to resist something, and his arm retracted abruptly.
Some sharp-eyed people could already see that Feng Xiu’s arm was trembling uncontrollably. In one punch, it was obvious who was stronger!
The scene was very quiet. Everyone could not believe their eyes. Feng Xiu was a true professional Grade Nine martial artist. Furthermore, he had practiced the Thunderquake Art and was ranked 800th in the Virtual Battle Chamber. He was definitely the cream of the crop among professional martial artists.
Other than those geniuses who had already applied to go to the Outland and were determined to break the genetic lock to become inhuman, there was indeed no one in the Myriad Academy who was a match for Feng Xiu.
But now, Feng Xiu had lost. Moreover, he had lost to a new student that was merely ranked 8,000th. How was this possible?
Feng Xiu had yet to admit defeat. Naturally, Lin Feng did not stop either. He took the initiative to attack. Just as before, he threw out an ordinary punch and still did not use the Wild Bovine’s Might, nor did he release the Spiral Force. Otherwise, if he was not careful, he might even kill Feng Xiu with a punch.
Feng Xiu was horrified, but his right hand was already unable to exert any strength. He could only grit his teeth and use his left hand to meet the attack.
Bang. It was another head-on clash. However, this time, the strength of Feng Xiu’s left hand was obviously much weaker. A crunching sound came from his arm, and he could not help but take five or six steps back before stopping.
However, Feng Xiu’s face was already pale, and his two arms could no longer move. He had lost, and he had lost badly. His left arm would take at least around half a month to recover.
“Do you still want another round?”
Lin Feng’s expression was indifferent. In his eyes, Feng Xiu was simply too weak. Even when using martial arts, Feng Xiu could only unleash three tons of power. However, a casual punch from Lin Feng could unleash more than four tons of power.
The disparity was so stark that they were worlds apart.
“I’ve lost!”
Feng Xiu gritted his teeth, but still admitted his failure.
“Since you’ve lost, apologize to Zhang Qiji. Also, I hope to hear of your application to the Outland within three days.”
Feng Xiu’s face turned pale. He had never thought of going to the Outland, especially now that he was injured. But seeing Lin Feng’s cold expression, anxiety gripped his heart. If he did not go, he did not think that Lin Feng would let him off easily.
In the Myriad Academy, it was all too easy to deal with someone.
“Zhang Qiji, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have offended you like that!”
“Haha, it’s fine, it’s fine.”
Zhang Qiji grinned. No matter what, Feng Xiu was once an influential figure in the Myriad Academy. Now that Feng Xiu apologized to him, his anger had long dissipated.
“I will definitely go to the Outland, but can you allow me to recover from my injuries first?”
“Yes. I’ll apply to go to the Outland in some time as well.”
Lin Feng did not push him too hard. As long as Feng Xiu applied to go to the Outland, it would be impossible to change the outcome. Moreover, his meaning was clear. Feng Xiu could not try delaying this with other methods. After some time, Lin Feng would apply to go to the Outland as well.
“Let’s go.”
Feng Xiu gritted his teeth and led the senior students out of the square.
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