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Chapter 5 - Lin Feng’s Power

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Chapter 5: Lin Feng’s Power Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“Dr. Liu, is something wrong?”
Lin Xiong and Luo Xiuting were very nervous as they stared at Dr. Liu’s expression.
Dr. Liu put down the report and said with a strange expression, “Something’s not right. Something is definitely not right. According to the report, Young Master Feng’s organs are still failing, and nothing has changed. However, Young Master Feng’s body has changed greatly, especially his cells. They seem to be full of energy. This is really abnormal.”
Dr. Liu wanted to say something but hesitated. He talked for a long time and used many professional terms, confusing them. But with Dr. Liu’s detailed explanation, everyone understood.
Lin Feng had not recovered from his illness, and his organs were still failing. However, Lin Feng’s body was not like the body of a patient at the moment. His cells were very energetic, and his entire body was filled with power. To put it simply, the current Lin Feng was very strong.
This was not right in itself. Lin Feng was seriously ill. In the past, his physique was very weak and could not compare to an adult’s. Now, his body was somehow several times stronger than an adult’s. How could Dr. Liu not be confused?
Lin Xiong pondered for a moment before saying, “Dr. Liu, does this mean that Feng’er’s illness has yet to recover, but his body is very strong, which goes against common sense?”
“Uh… That’s true.”
This was the reason Dr. Liu kept hesitating and could not give a clear explanation. It’s not like he could say that Lin Feng was too sickly in nature to possibly have such a strong physique.
“Dr. Liu, what if Feng’er has some success in practicing martial arts?”
“Success in practicing martial arts? If that’s the case, this might actually happen…”
Dr. Liu was slightly taken aback. He thought of this possibility and immediately understood. The Lin family was powerful. Perhaps they found a way to allow Lin Feng’s martial arts to advance by leaps and bounds. This was not impossible.
“All right, Dr. Liu, thank you for coming.”
After sending Dr. Liu off, the whole family gathered around Lin Feng. Although his family did not ask him, Lin Feng took the initiative to explain, “Recently, I have indeed gained some insight into martial arts. I feel that my whole body is filled with energy, and I have sufficient energy every day. It’s like I’m not a patient.”
However, Lin Feng knew that this was just an illusion. He was still a seriously ill patient, and there was no medicine that could cure him. It seemed that fusing with the Wild Bovine genes couldn’t cure his strange illness.
However, the appearance of the genetic fusion device had rekindled Lin Feng’s hope of practicing martial arts. As long as he could practice martial arts and rely on the genetic fusion device, he would be able to improve himself step by step. He might even be able to break the genetic lock and become inhuman. Then, his strange illness would naturally be cured.
He still had three years. Three years to break the genetic lock and become inhuman. Lin Feng did not know if anyone had done it before, but he had no choice. He could only try his best to achieve it.
A slight smile appeared at the corners of Lin Xiong’s lips. He looked deeply at Lin Feng and said, “Feng’er, of course it’s a good thing that you can practice martial arts. In the past, you’ve never made any progress in martial arts. Now, you’ve finally gained some success in doing so. Your mother and I fully support your practice of martial arts. If you need anything for practicing martial arts, just tell your family. We will definitely do our best to meet your needs!”
Perhaps Lin Xiong had also guessed that there were other reasons for Lin Feng’s sudden advancement in martial arts, but he didn’t really care. He only cared about Lin Feng. As long as Lin Feng was happy, he would fully support him. After all, perhaps Lin Feng only had three years left.
As for breaking the genetic lock and attaining inhuman level in three years, Lin Xiong didn’t even dare to think about it. If the genetic lock was so easy to break, then inhuman experts would likely be everywhere.
Mr. and Mrs. Lin instructed him for a while more before letting Lin Feng rest in the medical room. The medical room had the best recuperation equipment. Every time Lin Feng felt unwell, he would rest in the medical room.
Seeing that his parents had left the medical room, Lin Feng stood up from the bed. He shook his arms, his whole body filled with energy. This checkup from his return home had also allowed him to fully understand his own physical condition. Ordinary checkups would not be able to detect his genetic conditions. In reality, his genes had already fused with the Wild Bovine genes, which resulted in a steep increase in physical fitness.

However, the Wild Bovine genes were not fully developed yet. There was a large amount of high-grade nutrient solution in the medical room. Lin Feng took this opportunity to completely develop the Wild Bovine genes in the shortest time possible.
Hence, Lin Feng started injecting nutrient solutions directly. One shot, two shots, three shots…
Lin Feng injected five shots of nutrient solutions consecutively. He felt that his body appeared to be very “thirsty”, frantically absorbing nutrients from the nutrient solutions. Even his relatively lean body was gradually becoming sturdier.
Of course, this was only a small change. It was impossible to tell once he put on his clothes. However, Lin Feng could clearly feel that his body had undergone a tremendous transformation.
In the past, whenever he was injected with nutrient solutions, Lin Feng would fall into a deep sleep. That was because his body was very weak and could not endure the nourishment. Hence, his body would protect itself by falling into a deep sleep.
However, Lin Feng’s current physique was about four times that of a normal person, so his body could be considered very strong. Even after injecting five high-grade nutrient solutions, he only felt a little bloated, but did not immediately fall asleep.
After an hour, Lin Feng opened his eyes. With a thought, the genetic fusion device on his wrist immediately appeared. It projected a hologram with various current data on Lin Feng.
Physique: 8.41
Strength: 8.18
Agility: 6.56
“Skills: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice), Wild Bovine’s Might (Mastered, comprehended Wild Bovine’s True Intent)
Genetic Fusion: Wild Bovine genes (100% fusion, complete fusion)
Genetic Capacity: 6%
Lin Feng’s physique had undergone an earth-shattering change. He had physique and strength almost eight times and agility six times that of an ordinary adult.
What kind of improvement was this? In just two or three days, Lin Feng’s physique had almost improved qualitatively. This was simply unbelievable. Such a physique was comparable to a high-level professional martial artist.
Lin Feng came to the equipment in the medical room to test his strength. Although his physical data was very impressive, it was just a set of data after all. He also wanted to personally see how strong he was now.
Thus, he took a deep breath and crouched down slightly. Then, he straightened his back and gathered all his strength into his right fist. He punched the instrument hard.
There was a muffled sound. Lin Feng hurriedly looked at the numbers on the instrument.
“895 kilograms!”
This was close to 900 kilograms of strength. Even Lin Feng was shocked. Actually, when he saw that his physique and strength were more than 8 times that of an ordinary person, he had some guesses. Ordinary adults could only exert about 100 kilograms of strength. With Lin Feng’s current physique, it was quite normal for him to exert almost 900 kilograms of strength.
The hard standard for professional martial artists, meaning Grade Four martial artists, was 500 kilograms of strength. Just based on this point alone, Lin Feng had reached almost twice that standard.
However, this was not Lin Feng’s strongest state. Martial artists would definitely know martial techniques. Just now, Lin Feng had only used an ordinary attack. He had not used any martial techniques.
Hence, Lin Feng took a deep breath once again. The image of a violent Wild Bovine faintly appeared in his mind. At this moment, Lin Feng felt as if he had transformed into a savage Wild Bovine.
“Wild Bovine’s Might!”
This time, the noise was even louder than before. Even the strength instrument was shaking. Next, the strength instrument displayed a number, “1,920 kg.”
Lin Feng sucked in a breath of cold air. 1,920 kilograms was almost double the strength. The Wild Bovine’s Might could actually double his strength. This was unbelievable. No wonder he could knock the rather strong Du Qiang unconscious with one punch at the martial arts club.
Of course, ordinary people would definitely not be that strong when practicing martial techniques. However, Lin Feng had fused with the Wild Bovine’s genes and accidentally comprehended the Wild Bovine’s True Intent. The Wild Bovine’s Might that he used was naturally very different.
in Feng did not know what level he was at with a strength of 1,920 kilograms. This was because in the professional assessment, apart from a hard standard of 500 kilograms, there was an actual combat assessment during the grade placement. It was a test of actual combat, and there would be no more tests on data.
Some people might not be very strong, but they were very fast and could still match their opponents. There were countless examples of the weak defeating the strong in the martial world.
Lin Feng had never competed with professional martial artists before. Hence, he could only make a rough judgment in his mind. Currently, he should not be inferior to a Grade Seven martial artist, and might even be stronger.
Lin Feng had improved in leaps and bounds in a very short time, and become a high-level professional martial artist. This seemed like a dream, but Lin Feng knew that this was no dream. It was a change brought about by the genetic fusion device.
“The genetic fusion device can still continue to fuse with other genes. Although the genetic capacity had currently reached only 6%, only the most suitable genes should be fused. This requires careful consideration. It’s best if it’s possible to choose some martial techniques that correspond to it, and I can comprehend the martial true intent.”
Lin Feng began to make plans for future genetic fusions. His genetic capacity was still very large, and he could fuse many genes, but he should not fuse genes casually. For example, what was the use of fusing the genes of a kitten or puppy? It would be a waste of the genetic capacity.
Moreover, since fusing with some genes could let him comprehend the martial true intent, matching the two would naturally be more ideal. This required a long period of time to make choices slowly. Lin Feng was not in a hurry. With the gene fusion device, he could shorten the time for ordinary martial artists to train their bodies. In just a few days, he could attain results that took ordinary martial artists a few years or even a dozen years to accumulate.
It was precisely because of this that Lin Feng had to choose the genes for fusion carefully.

After dinner, Lin Qian pulled Lin Feng into the garden and said mysteriously, “Brother, are you all right tonight? There’s a fashion exhibition in the city today. Come with me.”
Lin Feng glanced at Lin Qian and suddenly asked, “Tell me, who else is coming aside from you?”
“There’s also Sister Qu Chen.”
Lin Qian knew that she could not hide it from Lin Feng, so she admitted it openly.
“Tell me, was this your idea or Qu Chen’s?”
“Brother, don’t you know what Sister Qu Chen wants? This was my idea, but Sister Qu Chen agreed to it. Brother, accompany me for once. I already promised Sister Qu Chen that you would definitely come.”
Lin Feng fell silent. How could he not know that Qu Chen had feelings for him? It was only that his strange illness left him with only three years to live, and he did not want to evoke any feelings. Otherwise, after three years had passed, it would only bring endless sorrow and pain.
“Lin Qian, you should know my condition. It’s impossible for Qu Chen and I…”
“Brother, why are you overthinking like this? No matter what your situation is, being happy is the most important thing in life. All right, I’ll take it that you’ve agreed. I’ll go pick up Sister Qu Chen first. When the time comes, we’ll meet at Starlight Cafe in the north of the city, before going to the exhibition together.”
With that, Lin Qian turned around and left, not caring if Lin Feng agreed or not.
Lin Feng shook his head, but he still went back to change his clothes. He got into the car at home and headed towards Starlight Cafe in the north of the city.
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