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Chapter 17

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Only the first three levels of Nonuple Body Tempering were available for transaction, but even so, it
was more attractive than any martial arts. Unfortunately, just its astronomical price was daunting

The first level required 100 points, which was about 100 million yuan. The second level required a
further 1,000 points, which was equivalent to 1 billion yuan. The third level required a further 10,000
points, which was equivalent to 10 billion yuan.

Even though the students of the Myriad Academy were all wealthy and had extraordinary backgrounds,
such prices were still shocking.

Moreover, levels above the third were not for sale.

Lin Feng also wanted to switch to other martial arts, but after searching, he found that only the Nonuple
Body Tempering was suitable for him. Hence, Lin Feng gritted his teeth and made a decision. He would
choose Nonuple Body Tempering.

Even just getting the first layer was enough for his use. Once he fully mastered the strength of his
entire body, he’d be able to increase his strength by one fold. Coupled with him fusing all kinds of dire
beast genes, just the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering would be enough to match the effects of
any top-notch martial arts.

However, 100 points was indeed troublesome.

Currently, Lin Feng had 11 million yuan in his bank card. Even if he converted it all into points, he would
only have 11 points. He could actually call home and ask for more, but considering the Lin
Corporation’s current situation and the suppression they’re facing from the East Sea Corporation, funds
were very tight. He could not add to the family’s burden at a time like this.

Since he could not apply for it from his family, he could only rely on himself. Fortunately, other than
using money to exchange for points in Myriad Academy, he could also earn points by completing

Thus, Lin Feng opened the mission forum. A dense list of missions appeared. Most of these missions
were missions in the Outland, such as escorting something or someone to the Outland.

People had definitely paid a high price to get the Myriad Academy to issue missions. Thus, none of
these missions were simple. The missions in the Outland posed actual dangers, and there was even a
mortality rate. Even a high-level professional martial artist might die if they were unlucky enough to
encounter a monstrous dire beast in the Outland.

The Myriad Academy had an annual death indicator. The academy would not compensate any students
who died from carrying out missions. This was also the only path to break the genetic lock.

It was even necessary to engage in mortal combat at a certain level. Many students would take the
initiative to apply to fight with terrifying beasts in the Outland, in order to break the genetic lock in life-
or-death moments.

The points of missions in the Outland were all very high, but Lin Feng had no intention of going to the
Outland yet. Hence, he could only give up on the missions in the Outland.

There were missions in the country, especially in Delta, but these missions rewarded very few points.
For example, helping the police to arrest a criminal only rewarded one point.

Another example was to teach at a martial arts school for a period of time. Two points.

Being someone’s bodyguard for a period of time. One point.

Basically all these missions rewarded only a few points, and missions with more than ten points were
extremely rare. After all, one point was equivalent to one million points. No one would waste money to
ask the Myriad Academy to issue some unimportant missions.

“Eh? This mission is not bad. Protect the core members of the Bai family for three days. Five points. If
you kill the murderer, you can get 50 points!”

Lin Feng was immediately attracted by this mission. Protection missions usually only rewarded one or
two points, and the durations were all quite long. However, this mission required only three days of
protection to obtain five points.

A high reward meant that there was a high risk. The difficulty of this mission must be very high.
Moreover, one could obtain 50 points by killing the murderer would. What did 50 points mean? It was
equivalent to 50 million.

According to the rules of the Myriad Academy, the academy would automatically collect half of the
commission for any mission issued by the Myriad Academy. In other words, the Bai Clan had prepared
at least 100 million commission for this mission.

Lin Feng did not take on the mission immediately. Instead, he continued to look at the details of the

It turned out that the murderer in this mission was a terrifying martial artist, suspected to be a Grade
Eight professional. Furthermore, he had returned from the Outland. Normally, martial artists who
returned from the Outland were very terrifying. They had been fighting with dire beasts for prolonged
periods, so martial artists who grew up in peaceful environments obviously could not match up to their
degree of combat prowess.

The murderer’s name was Long Weiping. When he went to the Outland, he was only a Grade Four
professional martial artist. He was chosen by a company as a guard.

During a mission, the company’s base was attacked. Everyone inside was killed, and Long Weiping
went missing. Under such circumstances, Long Weiping could basically be declared death.

No one expected that Long Weiping would actually return from the Outland five years later, and that his
strength would grow to an unimaginable level.

After Long Weiping returned, he discovered that his wife and daughter had died in a car accident. Later
on, after Long Weiping’s investigation, he found out that the son of a magnate had taken a fancy to
Long Weiping’s daughter. He used all sorts of methods but failed to get his way. In the end, he secretly
sent someone to run over Long Weiping’s wife and daughter.

Long Weiping flew into a rage and killed the entire family of the magnate. This alone wouldn’t have
been a big deal. After all, martial artists had special privileges. Furthermore, the magnate’s family was
in the wrong. Even if Long Weiping killed the magnate’s family, he wouldn’t be punished.

However, perhaps because Long Weiping had slaughtered too much in the Outland and undergone
such a shock on top of it, his entire personality became insane and bloodthirsty. He began to target all
the rich and powerful families, slaughtering seven families and around dozens of people in a row.

The impact of this incident was very bad. The police chief of Delta was even reappointed several times
due to this case, but none of the police chiefs were able to catch Long Weiping. Recently, Long
Weiping had struck again. The government had sent several powerful Grade Nine professional experts
to kill Long Weiping, but those wealthy people were all in terror. Just relying on the ordinary police and
the ordinary martial artists they recruited was not sufficient to fend off Long Weiping at all.

As such, these magnates began to issue missions in the Myriad Academy.

Lin Feng continued reading. There were indeed a few similar protection missions, but the most
generous one was still the Bai family.

“Protecting the core members of the Bai family and earning five points in three days is very good.
There are so many wealthy people in the Delta. The possibility of encountering Long Weiping is very
low. Even if I encounter Long Weiping, with my strength, I should have nothing to fear.”


Actually, Lin Feng really wanted to hunt down Long Weiping. Unfortunately, there was no such mission.
Deep down, he faintly hoped that Long Weiping would appear, but he also knew that the possibility was

Lin Feng quickly made his decision. He immediately accepted the mission to protect the Bai family.

“Lin Feng, ranked 8,000th in Virtual Battle Chamber. You meet the mission requirements for accepting
this mission. Mission accepted. Please head to the Bai family as soon as possible and complete the

Lin Feng raised his brows. No wonder no one had accepted the mission even though he could see that
it had been posted for a few hours. It turned out that there was a limitation. Only students ranked top
10,000 in the Virtual Battle Chamber could accept this mission, and Lin Feng happened to meet this

“That’s fair enough. If anyone could claim it, wouldn’t the Bai family suffer a loss?”

The Bai family wasn’t that foolish. Naturally, there were certain restrictions. People ranked within top
10,000 in the Virtual Battle Chamber basically had the power of Grade Eight professionals or above.
Even if they weren’t a match for Long Weiping, they would be able to hold out for a period of time,
which would be enough to protect the Bai family.

After accepting the mission, Lin Feng prepared to go to the Bai family. However, the moment he
opened the door, he saw Zhang Qiji standing outside.

“Brother Feng, look, you’re famous.”

Zhang Qiji took out his phone. There was a news item displayed on it. It was about Lin Feng smashing
Zhang Qiji’s out-of-control sports car with one punch and saving two young girls. There was even a
video attached.

This video was even on the hot topics of news. Countless fangirls were speculating about Lin Feng’s
identity. That punch he made was too explosive and shocking.

Lin Feng shook his head. He wasn’t willing to be put in the limelight like this.

“Brother Feng, where are you going?”

“I accepted a mission to protect the core members of the Bai family for three days. I have to rush there
as soon as possible.”

“The Bai family? Is it the Bai family from the Tang Mountain District in the north of the city?”

“What, you know about them?”

Lin Feng saw that Zhang Qiji had a strange expression, so he paused.

“Heh, of course I know about them. The Bai family is famous and generous. Their mission must be
about Long Weiping, right? Brother Feng, I’ll drive you there. I’m familiar with the Bai family.”

Lin Feng hesitated for a moment, then nodded. It would be troublesome for him to take a car there

Hence, Lin Feng got into Zhang Qiji’s car and left the Myriad Academy.

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