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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Wild Bovine’s Might Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Qu Chen was wearing a white martial arts suit with black fringes. She was tall and spirited, attracting the attention of many people the moment she entered the cafeteria. Lin Feng was also a member of the martial arts club, but his sister had pushed him into joining it. He wasn’t actually interested in the martial arts club. After all, with his previous physical condition, he could not practice martial arts at all.
Although he only went to the martial arts club a few times, Qu Chen was a good friend of his sister, so the two of them were acquainted with each other.
“Qu Chen, why can’t I come to the cafeteria?”
“Nothing. I just had the impression that you rarely eat in the cafeteria.”
Qu Chen smiled, causing many people’s gazes to be fixed on her as they discussed in low voices. They were also rather envious of Lin Feng’s “luck with women” for being able to sit at the same table as their goddess.
“Qu Chen, you must be tired from practicing martial arts. This is the marbled meat I ordered for you. It can replenish your energy consumption from this morning.”
Just as Qu Chen and Lin Feng were having a pleasant chat, a young student walked over. Lin Feng knew him too. He was the vice president of the martial arts club, Du Qiang.
Du Qiang was the vice president, Qu Chen was the president. Du Qiang had been pursuing Qu Chen. This was something known to everyone in the martial arts club. Naturally, Lin Feng naturally knew about it as well. However, he also knew that Qu Chen had no feelings for Du Qiang at all. She had rejected Du Qiang countless times, but Du Qiang just had to stick to Qu Chen like glue.
Qu Chen also frowned and said, “Senior Du, there’s no need.”
“It’s okay, just eat.”
“Du Qiang, I said there’s no need!”
Qu Chen was also a little angry, but she could not blow her top at Du Qiang in public.
Lin Feng glanced at Qu Chen and Du Qiang, but did not say anything. Instead, he continued to eat the food on the table unhurriedly. He felt that his stomach was like a bottomless pit. The food he ate was quickly digested, and a large amount of nutrients entered the depths of his body, turning into warm currents that nourished the Wild Bovine genes to grow rapidly. Even his various physical attributes were rapidly improving.
Du Qiang did not mind Qu Chen’s cold attitude towards him, but when he saw Lin Feng, he felt a trace of displeasure. Hence, he came up to Lin Feng’s side and deliberately tapped his shoulder. “Lin Feng, you’ve finished eating. Make way.”
How powerful was Du Qiang? He was the vice president of the martial arts club and was already a Grade Three martial artist. He was only one grade away from becoming a professional martial artist.
He knew that Lin Feng had a poor constitution, so he was deliberately trying to shoo Lin Feng away.
Lin Feng lifted his shoulder almost subconsciously, and leaned his entire body back slightly. Du Qiang felt a powerful force clearly, and he couldn’t help but stagger, taking a few steps back and almost falling. Du Qiang’s expression became slightly angry. He prepared to move in to push Lin Feng away again.
“Du Qiang, what are you trying to do?”
Qu Chen also realized that something was amiss and hurriedly stood up to berate Du Qiang.
Du Qiang’s expression was a little cold. He looked at Lin Feng with some confusion. He had suffered some subtle losses just now, but he wasn’t even able to deal with a sickly person.
“Qu Chen, don’t be angry. I’ll leave.”
With that, Du Qiang glanced coldly at Lin Feng. He did not know if Lin Feng had done it on purpose, but he would remember this. As long as Lin Feng returned to the martial arts club, he would have ways of dealing with Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, are you all right? Du Qiang really went overboard. He knows that you have a weak constitution…”
Qu Chen looked worried, but Lin Feng stopped her before she could finish speaking. Lin Feng waved his hand and said, “I’m fine.”
“Right, Lin Feng, do you have class this afternoon?” Qu Chen suddenly asked.
“I think there’s only one elective class.”
“It doesn’t matter when you attend the elective class. The martial arts club invited a Grade Seven professional martial artist to teach us martial arts this afternoon. This is a rare opportunity. Come to the martial arts club.”
Lin Feng considered for a while, but still nodded and said, “All right, I’ll go to the martial arts club this afternoon.”
“Great, let’s go together.”
Qu Chen was very happy. She left the canteen with Lin Feng and rushed to the school’s martial arts club.
When Lin Feng and Qu Chen arrived at the martial arts club, they realized that there were already more than a hundred people inside. It was very lively. There was a familiar figure on the ring. When he saw Lin Feng, he also jumped down from the ring.
“Brother, why did you come to the martial arts club today? Is it because of Sister Qu Chen?”
The one who spoke was Lin Feng’s younger sister, Lin Qian. She was also a member of the martial arts club. She looked dainty and cute, and her whole body exuded youthful energy. Together with Qu Chen, they were known as the two goddesses of the martial arts club.
Qu Chen’s face was slightly red. Lin Feng smiled and said, “I heard that a Grade Seven professional martial artist is here to instruct us today. Of course I have to come and take a look.”
“Brother, that is Mr. Lei Sheng, a Grade Seven professional martial artist. He was invited by our martial arts club to instruct us for a session.”
Lin Qian pointed at a tall and sturdy man on the stage. He was Lei Sheng. However, Lei Sheng was sitting cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed. No one dared to disturb him.
The development of modern martial arts was fast. There was a detailed classification system ranging from Grade One to Grade Nine. From Grade One to Grade Three, one could be called an amateur martial artist. Many ordinary people could reach this level. At most, they could strengthen their bodies and deal with a few hooligans.
Once they reached Grade Four, it would be considered a professional grade. Furthermore, Grade Four had a hard indicator, which was that one’s strength must reach 500 kilograms.
In other words, if one wanted to become a Grade Four professional, they would have to undergo a test to exert a strength of 500 kilograms or more.
From Grade Four to Grade Nine, one had to go through the appraisal of a professional martial arts institution. Only after obtaining the certificate could one be considered a professional martial artist. The greatest benefit of being a professional martial artist was that they could apply for some opportunities to go to the Outland. For example, if some large commercial corporations wanted to go to the Outland to expand, they needed professional martial artists to go there. Although the Outland was dangerous, it also represented opportunities. Only professional martial artists were qualified to go to the Outland to do certain jobs.
Therefore, a professional martial artist’s certificate was quite rare. Many ordinary people relied on years of practicing martial arts to finally obtain a professional martial artist’s certificate. Then, they went to work in big corporations and were sent to the Outland. Their incomes were also quite generous.
In the entire martial arts club, only Qu Chen really had the ability of a Grade Four professional and attained the professional certificate. Although Qu Chen was a soft-spoken woman, she was an out-and-out martial genius. Her dream was to become a professional martial artist, and even an inhuman expert who could break the genetic lock.
Above the Grade Nine professional was the inhuman expert who could break the genetic lock, who would be on another level. Even many professional martial artists did not dare to imagine that they could break the genetic lock and become an inhuman.
Seeing Lin Feng and the two goddesses of the martial arts club engaged in pleasant conversation, many martial arts club members were rather envious and jealous. Du Qiang, who was in the crowd, had a chilly look in his eyes.
Very quickly, more and more people arrived at the martial arts club. Finally, about 200 people arrived. Seeing that it was almost time, Qu Chen, who was the president of the martial arts club, also walked onto the stage and announced loudly, “Today, our martial arts club has the honor of inviting Mr. Lei Sheng, a Grade Seven professional martial artist, to instruct us. Everyone, let’s welcome him.”
There was thunderous applause. Lei Sheng, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes. He slowly stood up and swept his gaze across all the trainees.
“All of you are practicing martial arts, and you all know the difference between martial arts and martial techniques. Martial arts trains the body and can gradually strengthen the body, and from there, it can slowly break through the genetic lock, achieving the inhuman state. Martial techniques are techniques to exert strength and techniques for combat. Today, I’ll be mainly discussing martial techniques, using the Wild Bovine’s Might as an example.”
“Wild Bovine’s Might is a typical form-and-intention martial technique, which means it’s a martial technique created by imitating some dire beasts. This martial technique has great force and power. It’s a martial technique that uses brute force to break through techniques. Although there are only three moves, every move has the essence of the Wild Bovine. To know the moves is just the beginning. To be able to use them proficiently and counter every move is proficiency. To be able to use moves casually to produce different effects and dealing with different situations is adeptness.”
“Of course, what I’m mainly discussing today is not this, but true intent! Above mastery, there’s true intent. For example, for the Wild Bovine’s Might, after mastering true intent, your entire being feels as if it has transformed into a real Wild Bovine. Only then can the Wild Bovine’s Might reach the level of mastery and erupt with unprecedented power!”
Lei Sheng spoke with confidence and assurance, mainly talking about how to comprehend the true intent for martial techniques. Only by comprehending true intent could martial techniques reach perfection. It meant that one had completely grasped this martial technique and could use it for incredible results in battle.
Lin Feng listened very carefully, because this martial technique, Wild Bovine’s Might, imitated the Wild Bovine. After practicing those few simple moves, he felt as if his entire person was immersed in it, and there was a faint restlessness deep within his body.
“All right, everyone, practice on your own.”
After Lei Sheng finished speaking, he sat at the side once again and did not speak anymore, appearing somewhat cold and detached. Meanwhile, many people heard about true intent for the first time and felt that it was very novel. They all practiced their moves.
At this moment, Du Qiang saw that Lin Feng seemed to be practising his moves with his eyes closed. He immediately had an idea in his mind, so he said loudly, “I just had some insights from practicing Wild Bovine’s Might. Why don’t I spar with some members so that everyone can better comprehend Wild Bovine’s Might?”
Everyone nodded. Qu Chen felt that something was amiss, especially when Du Qiang’s gaze swept over Lin Feng from time to time, which made Qu Chen even more worried. However, before she could say anything, Du Qiang shouted loudly, “Lin Feng, I saw that your moves were not bad. Why don’t you come up and spar with me using Wild Bovine’s Might?”
Everyone fell silent. Lin Feng did not have much of a presence in the martial arts club, and everyone knew that Lin Feng’s health was poor and his physique was very fragile. However, Qu Chen was very close to Lin Feng. Naturally, it caused discontent in Du Qiang, who had been pursuing Qu Chen.
Du Qiang had an ulterior motive in doing this.
“Du Qiang, if you want someone to spar with, I’ll do it.”
Lin Qian immediately stood up. She was well aware of her brother’s illness. How could she let Du Qiang have his way?
Qu Chen frowned as well, looking displeased. However, Du Qiang stared at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, if you don’t even have the guts to practice your moves, then what’s the point of practicing martial arts? You should leave the martial arts club as soon as possible.”
Du Qiang shouted sternly. It was obvious that even if Lin Feng did not agree to spar with him today, he would definitely embarrass Lin Feng. It would be best if he could force Lin Feng to leave the martial arts club.
“All right, I’ll do it!”
Lin Feng, who had been immersed in the strange feeling of Wild Bovine’s Might, felt a restlessness in his heart that could not be appeased unless he unleashed it. Hence, he opened his eyes and agreed to Du Qiang’s challenge.
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