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Chapter 44 - Decisive Battle

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Chapter 44: Decisive Battle Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
“What? 100,000 points? Why is the reward so generous?”
Even Lin Feng was surprised. That wasn’t just one or two points, or 10 or 20 thousand, but 100,000 points! If converted into money, that was 100 billion yuan!
Lin Feng had been born in a businessman’s family, so he naturally knew what 100 billion yuan meant. The overall scale of the Lin Corporation was actually only a few hundred billion in worth. And now, just this reward alone would give 100 billion yuan.
This was unbelievable. Moreover, Lin Feng also knew who was offering these points. They were rewards pooled together by the 16 inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock.
He had long heard that the inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock were very wealthy, especially the inhuman experts who fought on the front lines all year round and oversaw the battles. However, as he had not witnessed it with his own eyes, Lin Feng was also somewhat unclear about the extent of
the inhuman experts’ wealth.
Now, Lin Feng had seen it for himself. Being able to easily take out 100,000 points showed how wealthy those inhuman experts were.
But no matter how wealthy they were, they shouldn’t be so generous. Moreover, the first place was rewarded 100,000 points, while the second and third places were only rewarded 20,000 and 10,000 points respectively.
The gap was too great, unless… There could only be one reason, and it was that this reward had only one goal: to make all the martial artists fight for the first place.
“100,000 points. You can get a 60% discount when purchasing things in the online shop of the Myriad Academy. Moreover, this itself is a huge sum of resources and numbers. Even if there are excess points, I can exchange them for various resources and send them home to offer my family some aid.”
Lin Feng was tempted as well. Anyone would be tempted by 100,000 points.
“I want this first place!”
Lin Feng muttered softly, a fierce look flashing across his eyes.
In Battalion One, Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings, who was first on the merit rankings, had also obtained the news of this reward. Even to him, 100,000 points was an enormous number.
After all, after all these years he’s been in Dragon Mountain Base, he had only accumulated 130,000 points. He was naturally very willing to get 100,000 points at once.
“This first place is mine. No one can take it from me!”
In Battalion Three, a hint of madness appeared in the eyes of a gigantic man carrying two huge axes on his back.
“Heh, 100,000 points. Shui Yuansheng, you sissy. The first place this time will definitely be mine, haha!”
This was the Tyrant Axe, Gao Tianci, who was second on the merit rankings. He had undergone some sort of mutation from the moment he was born. Even though neither of his parents was an inhuman expert, he underwent a rare mutation that gave him a powerful stature, incredible strength, and great
talent in martial arts.
Furthermore, Gao Tianci also possessed the superpower of “berserk”. Once he entered the “berserk” state, his strength would increase tremendously. In terms of power, perhaps he was slightly inferior to Shui Yuansheng. However, in terms of massacring, he was not inferior to Shui Yuansheng in the
slightest, and might even be stronger. Thus, Gao Tianci was determined to get the first place this time.
In Platoon Six, three ordinary martial artists gathered to discuss things.
“Brother Shan, this is a good opportunity for you. If you come first in merit points during the decisive battle, you can obtain 100,000 points.”
“That’s right. If Brother Shan gets these 100,000 points, he wouldn’t have to put his life on the line so much. The situation of Brother Shan’s family would also improve by a lot.”
These people were talking about Yu Shan. He was ranked third on the merit rankings. His family had already declined, and was even struggling to hold out. Every year, they had to rely on Yu Shan to exchange points for some resources to send back to his family.
Originally, Yu Shan’s comprehensive ability was the greatest. Amongst the top three on the merit rankings, he had the greatest chance of breaking the genetic lock. However, it was precisely because he was constantly funneling resources to his family that he even delayed his own advancement.
“A hundred thousand points is indeed a huge number, enough to resolve the family’s urgent need! I must get first place!”
Yu Shan clenched his fists tightly, his eyes filled with determination.
At the same time, countless martial artists were gearing up for a showdown in the decisive battle. However, few people actually had unrealistic hopes for getting into the top three.
This was especially true for the first place. Many people subconsciously ignored it because they knew that the three hegemons of the merit rankings would absolutely not allow the first place to fall to someone else.

At this moment, Lin Feng was also gathering some brief information. He had to learn about some competitors, especially the one who was first. Those who were confident about challenging the first place were definitely powerful.
“Feng Xiu, you’ve been in Dragon Mountain Base for so long. Do you know who are the strongest people below the inhuman level in Dragon Mountain Base?” Lin Feng asked Feng Xiu.
“Who are the strongest? They must be the three hegemons of the merit rankings. They’re Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe, Yu Shan, first, second and third on the merit rankings respectively. The three of them are all top-notch geniuses who have a chance of breaking the
genetic lock. Their strength has almost reached its limit, far surpassing the rest of the Dragon Mountain Base.”
“Oh, I also know a bit about the three of them. Only the three of them have more than 100,000 merit points on the merit rankings.”
Lin Feng pondered about it. Without a doubt, these three people had also come to the frontline. The rewards for this decisive battle were so generous. These three people would certainly challenge it with all their might.
However, Lin Feng wasn’t intimidated. He had fused three types of dire beast genes and mastered the second and third levels of the Nonuple Body Tempering in succession. His current strength was difficult to determine, even for himself, but he should have no problem challenging the top ten in the
Virtual Battle Chamber.
As for whether he was a match for the Demon King Dongfang Sheng, he would have to fight him to find out.
Hence, after briefly learning about his competitors during the final battle, Lin Feng did not make any more inquiries. No matter who his opponent was, he was definitely going to take the first place!
“Feng Xiu, after the decisive battle begins, let’s split up. Take care of yourself when the time comes.”
“Heh, don’t worry, Brother Feng. I’m one of the Dire Beast Reapers duo. How can I be so easily injured? On the other hand, Brother Feng, you have a chance of getting into the top three, right? If you can enter the top three when the time comes, haha, even I’ll become famous by association.”
Lin Feng smiled, but did not answer. Top three? His goal was not top three, but first!
“Chief Commander, it’s time.”
The Chief Commander, Long Duo, and the other 15 battalion leaders had all arrived at the frontline. Looking at the dense crowd of professional martial artists in front, Long Duo’s lips curled into a smile.
“Thope luck is with these little fellows. Relay my command at once: attack!”
Following Long Duo’s comman<, all the professional martial artists’ communicators sent out a message simultaneously. “Attack!” Boom. All the martial artists were in an uproar. The aura of more than four thousand people surged into the sky, and the entire ground seemed to be shaking. The decisive battle had begun!
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