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Chapter 46 - Attention

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Chapter 46: Attention Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
“arghhhh, die!”
Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe roared loudly. Among the beast horde, he seemed even more savage than the dire beasts. With the gigantic axe in hand, he slaughtered a bloody way through. He was like a bulldozer, crushing everything in his path.
Suddenly, Tyrant Axe saw the crimson figure in the sky. A trace of coldness flashed across his eyes. “Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings, the first place is mine!”
Suddenly, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe’s entire body swelled. He suddenly leaped to over 3 meters tall from his initial height of 1.8 meters. He was like a small giant, his entire body covered in muscles and emitting a violent aura.
This was the berserk superpower of Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe. Once he entered the berserk state, his strength would increase exponentially.
‘Tyrant Axe was extremely terrifying in his berserk state. He raised the gigantic axe and charged forward. The force of his charge was actually not much slower than Shui Yuansheng’s. He was determined to catch up to Shui Yuansheng and kill more dire beasts first.
The commotion on Tyrant Axe’s side wasn’t small. Yu Shan naturally saw it as well. Although he was third on the merit rankings, he usually kept a very low profile. However, with such bountiful rewards in the decisive battle, it was impossible for him to keep a low profile anymore.
“Shui Yuansheng, Gao Tianci, no matter what, I must get first place this time!”
Yu Shan took a deep breath. He didn’t have any supernatural power or powerful genes, so how did he attain third on the merit rankings? The reason was very simple: he had extraordinary comprehensions of martial arts.
Yu Shan had bought numerous profound martial arts from the Myriad Academy, and he had actually grasped all of them. One had to remember that even geniuses with unparalleled talent like Gao Tianci and Shui Yuansheng typically only practiced one or two profound martial arts. Many people
understood the principles of “jack of all trades, master of none’ and biting off more than one could chew.
However, Yu Shan was an exception. Relying on his astonishing comprehensive ability, he had practiced more than ten profound martial arts. Thus, after combining various kinds of martial arts, he almost had no weaknesses left, and was well-balanced in every aspect.
Yu Shan took a step forward. He had no leverage in mid-air, yet he actually took three consecutive steps and leaped tens of meters in an instant. This was a profound martial art called Three Leaps of the Void. It was a lightweight martial art that was extremely fast.
Among the 4,800 martial artists who participated in the final battle, many had talent, but there were very few who could truly stand out. At this moment, it could be seen that they were Shui Yuansheng, Tyrant Axe, Yu Shan, and even one more figure that many people found unfamiliar.
The 16 inhuman experts standing guard at the back also saw Shui Yuansheng and the others. However, they were not surprised that Shui Yuansheng, Gao Tianci, and Yu Shan could stand out.
In fact, the rewards for this mission were actually prepared for these three people. After all, the three of them had already proven themselves at the Dragon Mountain Base. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been ranked top three on the merit rankings.
However, one additional figure had appeared at this moment, and he didn’t seem to be inferior to the three of them.
“Who is this?”
Chief Commander Long Duo’s eyes narrowed slightly as he asked his assistant beside him.
“Chief Commander, this young man’s name is Lin Feng. He has just arrived at the Dragon Mountain Base for three months. However, over the past three months, he has attained over 12,000 merit points.”
“Oh? He attained so many merit points in only three months? Very good. Looks like Shui Yuansheng and the others have another competitor. Which battalion is he in now?”
“Battalion Thirteen.”
Long Duo immediately summoned the leader of Battalion Thirteen over and said with a smile, “I thought that there was no hope for the seed in your team to fight for the top three, but there’s an unexpected surprise. This Lin Feng is quite strong.”
“Chief Commander, I’ve just gotten to know this lad. He has another nickname, the Dire Beast Reaper. He can be considered a black horse. Perhaps he might really be able to give us a pleasant surprise.”
The leader of Battalion Thirteen was naturally defensive about Lin Feng, If Lin Feng obtained a good ranking, or even first place, it would also put him in a good light.

However, the leader of Battalion Three shook his head and said, “Forget about Lin Feng. Even Yu Shan’s potential is limited. Without extraordinary talent, it’s very difficult to break the genetic lock. I think Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci have a better chance of breaking the genetic lock.”
“If they had any hope, they wouldn’t have been unable to break the genetic lock for so many years.”
The leader of the Battalion Thirteen retorted immediately.
However, everyone knew very well how difficult it was to break the genetic lock. Extraordinary talent just made it slightly easier. No one was confident that they could break the genetic lock.
“All right, stop arguing. Let’s see how these four little fellows perform. In any case, having an emerging talent is better than a pool of stagnant water. Besides, I think quite highly of this little fellow.”
Long Duo’s lips curled into a slight smile. Clearly, as he investigated Lin Feng’s situation, he became more and more interested in Lin Feng.
He had just entered the Myriad Academy for a few months, and he was already one of the top 100 students of the Virtual Battle Chamber?
Such news might be very secretive to others, but to Long Duo, it was easily accessible using his authority. Even Shui Yuansheng was no match for such speed.
Perhaps, an extraordinary student had really appeared in Myriad Academy.
At this moment, Lin Feng was rushing towards the rear of the dire beast horde with all his might. He did not know that an inhuman expert was watching him. He was more concerned about the three figures in front of him.
That’s right. Lin Feng was the first to charge forward, but now, three figures had charged ahead of him. Even though the lead wasn’t very great, they were indeed ahead of him.
Although Lin Feng had never seen these three before, he had some idea based on their appearances.
The one flying in the sky with a pair of red wings was definitely the number one on the merit rankings, Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings. Only Shui Yuansheng had such a pair of red wings, and could fly through the air without becoming inhuman yet.
As for that 3-meter-tall small giant, who was rampaging like a bulldozer and even more savage than the dire beasts, and whose entire body emitted a tyrannical aura, that was definitely the second on the merit rankings, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe.
Gao Tianci, with his berserk superpower, was indeed a terrifying opponent.
‘The third figure did not appear to have any special characteristics, but the various profound martial arts he used seemed to be at his fingertips. He had already used no less than ten profound martial arts along the way.
Only Yu Shan, third on the merit rankings, had such an ability. He had comprehended so many profound martial arts. This was something that not even Lin Feng could do.
These three people were formidable opponents to Lin Feng. From the beginning, Lin Feng knew that his competitors were actually these three people.
From the looks of it now, these three people were indeed not weak. However, neither was he.
Having formidable opponents only made Lin Feng more thrilled.
He held the saber in one hand and unleashed the Lightning Arc Saber Technique to its fullest extent. His entire being transformed into a ball of lightning, and his speed spiked by a few increments again. Wherever he passed, blood splattered everywhere, and the corpses of dire beasts covered the ground.
Shui Yuansheng and the other two were equally shocked by such a fast speed and such clean Kills. It seemed like this time, the three of them were no longer just rivals against each other. They had to add a formidable expert from god knows where..
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