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Chapter 11 - Leaving Central Sea

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Chapter 11: Leaving Central Sea Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Qu Chen left in the end and entered the Polar Academy. This matter caused a stir in the martial arts club. After all, the Polar Academy was one of the top three martial academies in the world. To be accepted by the Polar Academy meant one’s future was limitless.
As for Du Qiang, Lin Feng had no intention of letting him off. The Lin family made certain maneuvers and Du Qiang was expelled from school. It was just that the reason was not announced.
However, Du Qiang knew the reason clearly. Resentful but powerless to do anything, he had no choice but to leave Central Sea University.
After Qu Chen left, Lin Feng became even more taciturn. Hence, he started practicing martial arts in a frenzy. It was a pity that the basic martial arts skills of the martial arts club were not actually of much use to him.
He also relied on the power of the Lin family to ask his father to purchase some martial arts from various channels. They didn’t seem to be of much use either, but most of them were similar to Wild Bovine’s Might and were only very ordinary martial arts.
The reason why Lin Feng wanted to obtain more advanced martial arts was because he felt that there was something wrong with his body. It was not the strange illness, but a problem with genetic fusion.
It was not that his genetics had collapsed. It was just that Lin Feng felt that he lacked control. To put it simply, he could not control all the power in his body. Otherwise, with him fusing two types of dire beast genes, it should be impossible for his raw power to be only two tons.
Moreover, his speed and physique data were also very strong, but he seemed to be unable to unleash these advantages at all. This was undoubtedly a problem with his body. He was unable to control his body perfectly.
Hence, Lin Feng was afraid that something would go wrong if he continued to fuse the genes, so he did not continue to fuse more genes. Instead, he hoped by practicing martial arts and training continuously, he could control his body perfectly.
This period of frenzied training did have some effect, but it was not obvious. Lin Feng found out on the Internet that there were some profound martial arts that could strengthen one’s understanding and control of the body. Unfortunately, profound martial arts were only controlled by powers like the government, the military, academies, and some large financial groups or families.
Qu Chen had always wanted to enter the Polar Academy. It was precisely because there were all kinds of profound martial arts in the Polar Academy, and it had given rise to many inhuman experts. That was how it could become one of the top three martial arts academies in the world.
Lin Feng thought about it for a long time. He was determined to embark on the path of martial arts. It would be a waste of time to continue staying at Central Sea University. Therefore, he had to make a decision.

At night, Lin Feng returned home. The past few days, his eldest brother and father had been very busy. They worked until very late before returning home every day.
“Dad, is the corporation alright?”
Lin Feng asked worriedly.
“It’s not a big deal. The East Sea Corporation has joined forces with a few other companies to suppress some of our Lin Corporation’s businesses. We have some losses, but they haven’t shaken the foundation of our Lin Corporation. Hmph, I may not have other talents, but I’ve been in the business world for so many years, founding the corporation from nothing and fighting countless business wars. Why would I be afraid of the East Sea Corporation?”
Lin Xiong was full of confidence, but Lin Feng saw Lin Xiong leaving early and returning late every day. He seemed to have aged quite a bit. Clearly, the pressure on the Lin Corporation was also very great.
Especially since this was a long term “commercial war”. It wasn’t something that could be resolved overnight. Once they fell into a crisis, it would be difficult. The massive Lin Corporation might even collapse.
“By the way, Feng’er, do you need something?”
Lin Xiong adjusted his glasses and looked at Lin Feng.
“Yes, Dad, I have been thinking a lot lately. I want to drop out of Central Sea University. I want to take the path of martial arts!”

Lin Feng spoke of his decision. This was the final decision that he had made after careful consideration.
Dropping out of school was a big deal, but Lin Xiong didn’t seem surprised at all. His expression was still very calm.
“Feng’er, have you thought about how to take the path of martial arts?”
“I’ve thought it through. Right now, I need the guidance of the top martial arts experts. It would be best if they were inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock. Furthermore, resources of profound martial arts are necessary. The only ones who can attain this and are suitable for me are the top three martial arts academies in the world.”
Lin Feng had already thought it through clearly. The three major martial arts academies in the world all had different requirements for enrollment. The Polar Academy did not have any restrictions on enrollment. As long as one was talented in martial arts, even commoners could be admitted.
The Polar Academy was originally Lin Feng’s first choice, but the Polar Academy admitted only youngsters under the age of 20 who had obtained the certificate of a Grade Four professional martial artist. Lin Feng did have the strength of a professional martial artist, but he was already 20 years old this year, and had exceeded the age limit of the Polar Academy.
Apart from the Polar Academy, the top three martial arts academies also included the Sanctuary Academy and the Myriad Academy. The Sanctuary Academy had almost no external enrollments because it was established by the military and government. It was only open to certain special talents from the army or in the country. In the future, his second brother Lin Hai would actually have a chance of enrolling in the Sanctuary Academy through the military.
All that was left was the Myriad Academy. The recruitment criteria for the Myriad Academy was very simple, and that was money. Every student only had to pay one billion yuan in tuition fees to enter the Myriad Academy.
Hence, the Myriad Academy was basically a place where only scions of rich tycoons and wealthy conglomerates could enter. This was also the only academy that Lin Feng could enter. Unfortunately, the tuition fee of one billion was too huge. Lin Feng could only seek help from his family.
Lin Feng did not speak, and the atmosphere was a little silent. The family was already in a difficult situation in the present. The Lin Corporation was being suppressed by the East Sea Corporation, and every bit of capital was crucial right now.
“Feng’er, look at this.”
Suddenly, Lin Xiong took out something that looked like a certificate. Lin Feng took it and looked at it. Then, his expression suddenly froze, and he seemed to have gone rigid.
“The acceptance letter for Myriad Academy!”
This was the acceptance letter for Myriad Academy. The timing was exactly one week ago.
“Dad, you…”
Lin Feng did not know what to say anymore. At this moment, his heart was filled with gratitude. No matter what, family was family.
Lin Xiong smiled and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just one billion. Even if the corporation is in trouble now, we can afford one billion. Since you are determined to take the path of martial arts, the entire family will fully support you! With this admission letter, you can report to the Myriad Academy at any time within this year. There’s also a card here with ten million inside. In the future, I will transfer one million into it every month as your living expenses.”
“Father, this is too much.”
“It’s not much. I know more about the situation at the Myriad Academy than you do. Everything there costs money. Without money, you can barely get anything done. It’s a pity, if not for the incident at the East Sea Corporation, I could have given you more support. But now, this is all I can do.”
Lin Xiong was actually very gratified. Lin Feng’s strange illness had always been a heavy burden in his heart. In the past, Lin Feng had been depressed and did not achieve much in martial arts. He could only watch helplessly as Lin Feng approached death step by step.
Now that Lin Feng could take a plunge, regardless of whether he’ll be successful, Lin Xiong was very happy.
“Father, I will not let you down. In three years, I will definitely break the genetic lock and attain the inhuman state!”
Lin Feng clenched his fists tightly. This was his promise to his family, and it was a cry from the depths of his heart.
“Feng’er, you don’t have to give yourself too much pressure when you go to Myriad Academy. If you have any difficulties, call me or your mother. Remember, no matter what happens, you have us and this family!”
Lin Feng nodded heavily.
Next, Lin Feng completed the withdrawal procedures and spent another week accompanying his family.
A week later, Lin Feng did not get his family to send him off. Instead, he went to the high speed rail station alone.
“Goodbye, Central Sea.”
Lin Feng sat on a seat by the window. Memories surfaced in his mind—familiar people, familiar sights, familiar stories. This trip might bring him new life, or it might be the end…
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