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Chapter 28 - Demon King

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Chapter 28: Demon King Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“I’ve reached my limit.”
In the Virtual Battle Chamber, Lin Feng muttered softly. He knew very well that he had already reached his limit just now. Against Duan Tian, who was ranked 99th, he had already gone all out, and was only slightly stronger than him.
If he tried to challenge someone with a higher ranking, the outcome probably would not be optimistic.
Of course, if he chose carefully, it wasn’t impossible for him to fight for a higher ranking, but what would be the point of that? He came here to test his exact strength, not to stand in the limelight.
Hence, Lin Feng was about to leave the Virtual Battle Chamber. Just then, he caught sight of the top 100 students from the corner of his eye.
The top 100 would definitely be the most outstanding students of the Myriad Academy. Of course, once their genetic locks were broken, they would no longer be able to use the Virtual Battle Chamber.
From Lin Feng’s perspective, Duan Tian’s prowess was already very, very strong. However, Duan Tian was only ranked 99th. Just how strong would the person ranked first be?
Actually, Lin Feng had actually heard of the person ranked first in the Virtual Battle Chamber. He could be said to be a legend in the history of the Myriad Academy. He had already dominated the first place in the Virtual Battle Chamber for more than 20 years.
Some people even predicted that he would continue to dominate the first place for another hundred years!
“The Demon King, Dongfang Sheng!”
Lin Feng’s eyes glinted. The one who was ranked first in the Virtual Battle Chamber and had dominated the first place for twenty years, referred to as the Demon King by the students of the Myriad Academy—Dongfang Sheng!
“Let me see how strong you are.”
In any case, Lin Feng did not intend to continue raising his ranking. He wanted to take this opportunity to see the Demon King.
“Challenge Dongfang Sheng!”
Lin Feng immediately spoke to the Virtual Battle Chamber’s AI system.
Outside the Virtual Battle Chamber, the big screen suddenly dimmed and there was no image.
“What happened?”
“Why are there no more images?”
“No one is exiting. Senior Lin Feng is still continuing the challenge.”
Many people were confused and didn’t know what was going on.
Suddenly, the faces of those who were about to spend a point changed drastically. They even cried out in alarm, “We… we need ten points to watch the battle!”
“Ten points? Doesn’t that only appear when challenging the Demon King?”

“Could it be that Senior Lin Feng wants to challenge the Demon King?”
“The Demon King… How long has it been since the last time someone challenged him? It seems to be three years ago. Back then, the senior who already tried to break the genetic lock went to challenge him, but failed. How would Senior Lin Feng dare to challenge the Demon King?”
As soon as they heard the name of the Demon King, many students started discussing. This was not an ordinary person. The Demon King was a legend in the Myriad Academy and was also the pride of the Myriad Academy.
Although the Demon King had long broken the genetic lock and graduated from the Myriad Academy, no one had been able to break the series of records and miracles that the Demon King had created in the Myriad Academy. The Demon King had long become the legend and symbol of the Myriad Academy.
Although countless people wanted to defeat the Demon King, none of them succeeded.
The Demon King held such attention and was such a hot topic. How could Myriad Academy possible let such a lucrative opportunity slip by? Hence, whenever someone challenged the Demon King, it was a sensational event. Those who wanted to watch it would have to pay ten points.
That was tens of millions of yuan just to watch a virtual battle.
“Ten points is too many. We can pay a point each.”
However, these students were still unable to suppress their curiosity. It was a little expensive, but it was fine as long as they could watch it. Moreover, they could raise points together.
Soon, they finished raising the ten points. Lin Feng’s figure appeared on the huge screen outside the Virtual Battle Chamber again. Fortunately, the battle had not started yet. They could still watch this fierce battle between powerful contenders.

In the Virtual Battle Chamber, the surroundings started to change as soon as Lin Feng spoke. In the end, it became a vast wasteland.
The wasteland was filled with bleak scenes. In reality, this was a simulation of some places in the Outland. Only when challenging the Demon King would this kind of change in battle environment occur.
The Demon King appeared slowly as well.
The Demon King, Dongfang Sheng, was a man with an apathetic expression. He was wearing a modern alloy battle armor, and his face looked extremely handsome. However, it was as cold as perennial ice, sending chills through people.
Cold. This was indeed the aura of the Demon King. The Demon King was also born from the bloodline of two inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock. Furthermore, the Demon King had awakened his ice and fire superpower, and fused this superpower with his body. Both his physical fitness and combat skills had reached the peak.
Lin Feng took this battle very seriously. The moment the Demon King appeared, he gave Lin Feng unparalleled pressure
“Spiral Force!”
Lin Feng was the first to attack. He threw out a punch, and the Spiral Force erupted. Moreover, the Wild Bovine’s True Intent erupted in tandem. It was as if he had transformed into a Wild Bovine.
Moreover, it was as if there was a Unicorn within this aura. At this moment, Lin Feng had truly unleashed all the power of the two genes within his body.
There was even a furious roar in the void. Just this punch alone was enough to make countless peak-level Grade Nine professional martial artists dumbfounded and unable to resist.
Level one of Nonuple Body Tempering, dire beast genes, Wild Bovine’s True Intent, and so on. Any one of them was extremely powerful, let alone three.
Lin Feng exerted more than eight tons of force with this punch, even approaching nine tons. Even if a building stood before him, he could likely demolish it.
Lin Feng was still very confident in his own strength.
However, the Demon King did not seem to be moved by Lin Feng’s terrifying punch. When the wind from the punch enveloped the Demon King, he lifted his head, his eyes shining like diamonds.
Boom. The Demon King made his move. He casually threw a punch as well, but it was covered with the powers of ice and fire. The white power of frost and the red power of flames were akin to two balls of light. With a punch from the Demon King, they collided with Lin Feng.
Snap. There was no surprise or fluke. Lin Feng’s body seemed to be crushed by an unparalleled power in that instant. Moreover, his body was completely stiff, as if it was burning.
He collapsed almost instantly. His virtual body could not withstand the power of the Demon King at all.
In one punch, Lin Feng was defeated!

“He has indeed lost. The Demon King lives up to his name. Amazing!”
“We’ve finally seen how powerful the Demon King is again. However, senior Lin Feng is also powerful. He’s only a new student. Once he goes to the Outland to train for a few years, he might be able to challenge the Demon King again.”
“Hehe, talk is easy. Those who challenged the Demon King in the past had all already broken the genetic lock. However, before breaking the genetic lock, they still weren’t able to defeat the Demon King. I think the Demon King is pretty much the strongest person below inhuman experts. No one can defeat him.”
“That’s not necessarily the case…”
Many people began to argue. The Demon King was indeed a hot topic of discussion. Every time someone challenged the Demon King, it caused discussions among people.
At this moment, in the Virtual Battle Chamber, Lin Feng also stood up from the virtual cabin. There was no decadence in his eyes, no dejection, only boundless fighting spirit.
“Who would have thought that there could be someone so powerful below the inhuman level?”
Lin Feng was truly surprised. The strength of the Demon King was beyond his imagination. Even if he could fuse with the genes of the dire beasts, he might not be able to defeat the Demon King.
“From the look of it, I’m still far from my goal. It’s an imperative for me to go to the Outland.”
Being defeated by the Demon King was also a wake-up call for Lin Feng: don’t think that being able to become one of the top 100 students is that impressive. There were still people who were more powerful than him, and even those who were more powerful than him might not be able to break the genetic lock.
Although he had failed, this failure gave Lin Feng boundless motivation.
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