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Chapter 36 - Distress Call

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Chapter 36: Distress Call Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“SOS! We encountered a massive number of Proboscis Beasts. There are eight Proboscis Beast lords, over a hundred Proboscis Beast elites, and innumerable ordinary Proboscis Beasts. The situation is extremely perilous. Nearby martial artists, especially martial artists with over 10,000 merit points, please come to our rescue quickly.”
This distress call appeared very abruptly, making both Lin Feng and Feng Xiu slightly stunned.
“Eight dire beast lords and over a hundred dire beast elites. Tsk tsk, he’s in big trouble. And what’s that about needing over 10,000 merit points?”
Feng Xiu was a little puzzled. Why would saving lives require higher merit points?
Lin Feng thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps they think that only martial artists with more than 10,000 merit points have enough power to save them. However, this is an opportunity. It’s very rare to encounter so many dire beasts. Killing all of them would give a lot of points and merit points.”
Yes, this was indeed a fortuitous opportunity. Of course, this was only an opportunity for powerful martial artists. For martial artists with insufficient strength, it would be a huge problem. Even rashly going in would be life-threatening.
“Brother Feng, you want to save them?”
“That’s right. Mostly for the points.”
Feng Xiu naturally had no objections. With Lin Feng around, how could there be any danger?
Thus, the two of them quickly rushed over according to the coordinates on the communication device.

On a slope, three Myriad Academy students were trapped on the hill.
“Brother Li, the distress message has been sent. We can still hold out for another half an hour. But what if no one comes after half an hour?”
“If no one comes in half an hour, we can only break out at all costs.”
Brother Li also didn’t know what to do. The three of them were all Grade Nine professional martial artists. They had not been deployed to the frontline, and had instead taken advantage of the timing of the frontline battle to sweep through the wilderness.
They even intentionally released bait to lure many Proboscis Beasts over.
Their plan had succeeded. The Proboscis Beasts did arrive. Unfortunately, their luck seemed a bit abysmal. There weren’t ten or so Proboscis Beasts, but a massive horde.
Thus, they were trapped on the mountain slope, holding out desperately using the terrain of the mountain slope.
Just the sight of so many Proboscis Beasts was enough to make one despair. However, there was nothing they could do now. They could only wait and hope for a miracle.
Time passed by slowly. Before they knew it, twenty minutes had passed. The three of them were all injured to varying degrees and could not hold out for much longer.
“Brother Li, are we going to die?”
Li shuddered. That’s right. They came from the Myriad Academy, and were all the prodigies of the Myriad Academy. They had never thought that they would die one day. Previously, their journey in the Outland had been smooth sailing. In just a year, they had accumulated hundreds, then over a thousand points.

It seemed that they had never encountered any danger before. However, they were in danger now, and it was life-threatening danger. This was the Outland, not the Virtual Battle Chamber. They had to face dire beasts, not virtual opponents.
Death seemed imminent.
The three of them were afraid. They were terrified. They were hoping for a miracle to happen. However, they knew very well that most of the professional martial artists had gone to the frontline. Even if there were people at the base, how strong could they be?
A few ordinary professional martial artists wouldn’t be able to save them. This time, they were indeed in danger.
“Beep-beep-beep. Where are you guys?”
Suddenly, a new message appeared on his communicator.
“Someone is coming to save us?”
“Brother Li, we’re going to be saved.”
The three of them were overjoyed. They had not expected that there would be a turn for the better when they were on the verge of despair.
Hence, the three of them hurriedly sent out another message.
“We are on a hill not far from the coordinates. By the way, how many of you are there?”
Brother Li’s expression fell. There were only two people, but could they be experts?
Thus, Brother Li asked again, “Do the two of you have more than 10,000 merit points? I don’t mean to be rude. The situation we’re in is very dangerous. If you come here without due consideration, I’m afraid you’ll be in danger too.”
“We arrived at the base from the academy today. We don’t have any merit points.”
Brother Li and the others all fell silent. They had woken up from their ecstasy. These were actually newbies without any merit points. How strong could students who had just come from the Myriad Academy possibly be?
Even if both of them were Grade Nine professionals and were the cream of the crop in the Myriad Academy, this was the Outland. Grade Nine professional martial artists were a dime a dozen. Even veterans like the three of them had to form a team before they dared to go to the Outland to combat and kill dire beasts. What could two newcomers do?
A wan smile appeared on Brother Li’s pale face. In the end, he replied, “Thank you for coming to save us despite the danger. However, it’s too dangerous here. You can’t save us. It’s better if you stop now. You don’t have to come here.”
With that said, the three of them looked at each other. Their previous ecstasy had long disappeared without a trace.
“Brother Li, so what if we die? We were already prepared to die when we came to the Outland.”
“That’s right. If the three of us die together, at least we’ve fulfilled our initial promise.”
“Haha! It’s just dying together. Even if we must die, we’ll take more dire beasts with us.”
This also evoked the ferocious side in the three of them. Since they knew that death was certain, what more was there to fear?
At this moment, Lin Feng and Feng Xiu, who were rushing over, were rather surprised. The other party’s last message was clearly telling them not to go over.
“The person asking for help is quite interesting. Feng Xiu, hurry up or we’ll only be able to collect their corpses.”
Originally, those dire beasts were what Lin Feng valued the most. After all, those dire beasts meant a great deal of points and merit points. But now, he was more concerned about the situation of the person seeking help.
Soon, the two of them saw many Proboscis Beasts charging up the hill from afar. There were three martial artists that were attacked by the Proboscis Beasts. They should be the ones who had sent the distress call.
“All of them are still alive. That’s good.”
Although Lin Feng heaved a sigh of relief, eight dire beasts lords, over a hundred elite dire beasts and innumerable ordinary beasts did not make for a simple lineup. Even three or four ordinary peak Grade Nine professionals would definitely not dare to attack so many beasts.
This was also why Li felt despair when he heard that there were only two people on Lin Feng’s end, and that they were newbies who had just arrived in the Outland. The trouble they encountered was not something that could be resolved by two newbies.
“Feng Xiu, go and protect the three of them. I’ll scatter these Proboscis Beasts first.”
“Brother Feng, you want to disperse so many dire beasts alone?”
Even though he knew that Lin Feng was very strong, even Feng Xiu felt that it was too insane for Lin Feng to attack so many dire beasts alone.
“Don’t worry, I won’t do it if I’m not confident.”
Lin Feng took a deep breath, gripped his blade, and stepped back.
Boom. It was as if the ground was shaking. Lin Feng charged into the horde of beasts like a cannonball.
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