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Chapter 45 - Chaotic Battle

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Chapter 45: Chaotic Battle Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
As the martial artists charged, the dire beasts on the other side also went completely berserk. Countless dire beasts formed a horde and charged over in a frenzy. Ordinary firearms were useless against these dire beasts, for their defenses were just too strong.
Only martial artists, utilizing raw strength, could kill them in life-or-death combat.
On the battlefield, individual strength seemed rather insignificant. Lin Feng was among the crowd of martial artists. He saw with his own eyes that the first professional Grade Nine martial artist who charged forward was instantly sent flying by a Proboscis Beast.
Many martial artists were killed by dire beasts at the first moment of confrontation, and even their corpses were devoured. The smell of blood rose into the sky, thick to the extreme.
This was the battlefield. It was far more harrowing than when Lin Feng was sweeping through the Dragon Mountain region.
After the first round of charging, both sides began killing. The overall strength of human martial artists was much stronger, but there were many dire beasts. Thus, the battlefield was immediately in a stalemate now. At this juncture, those stronger martial artists could showcase their prowess.
The leader of Lin Feng’s platoon, Tyrant Saber, was rather strong and could deal with elite dire beasts alone. However, there were countless elite dire beasts on the battlefield. Hence, Tyrant Saber could barely protect himself and struggled as he fought.
The strongest person of Battalion Thirteen was a martial artist who used a short saber. He was ranked 16th on the merit rankings, and his power was not bad. The elite dire beasts could not even last a single round before him. He cut through them like a knife through hot butter, killing countless dire
beasts in a short period of time.
Platoon Nine was not very strong, and they were charging at the forefront. Hence, after a round of attacks, they were surrounded by dire beasts and were in a predicament. The leader Tyrant Saber was the strongest, but he could only protect himself, and could not spare the effort to protect others despite
wanting to.
“Qiangzi, be careful.”
“Turnip-head, watch your back.”
However, Tyrant Saber was kind despite his aloof demeanor. Even though he could barely protect himself, he was still doing his best to help the members of Platoon Nine.
suddenly, Tyrant Saber saw a motionless figure in the crowd.
“Lin Feng? Was he scared stiff?”
Only then did Tyrant Saber remember that this was a new member, who seemed to be stunned from fear as soon as he entered the battlefield. This made him a little angry, but at the same time, he was also a little worried.
“Idiot boy, come to my side quickly.”
Tyrant Saber shouted at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng did not seem to have heard him at all.
Two dire beast lords charged towards Platoon Nine. There were no powerful martial artists around, and a few martial artists died in an instant.
“Lin Feng, be careful!”
‘When Ba Dao saw the two dire beast lords, he panicked. Lin Feng was not far from the two ferocious dire beast lords. The two dire beast lords were very savage, and not the average dire beast lords. Even if he went up, he would definitely not be their match.
Moreover, Tyrant Saber was also occupied. It was impossible for him to rescue Lin Feng.
No matter what, Lin Feng was from Platoon Nine, and a member of Tyrant Blade’s platoon, yet he could only watch helplessly as Lin Feng was crushed to death.

Lin Feng, who was motionless a moment ago, suddenly turned around and drew his saber, turning into a beam of white light.
The two dire beast lords were sliced by the white light, and they collapsed onto the ground like small mountains. Their corpses were actually bifurcated entirely from their heads onwards.
Seeing this, everyone was stunned. Even Tyrant Saber, who was worried about Lin Feng just now, opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.
Those were two dire beast lords. Forget about him alone, even if a few more people came, they might not be able to hold off these two dire beast lords.
However, Lin Feng could actually kill two dire beast lords with a single slash. Even the trajectory of his blade was invisible.
Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had no intention of retracting his saber the moment it was unsheathed. The Lightning Arc Saber Technique had only one characteristic—it was quick, like a beam of white light.
This was simply the strongest killing martial art, and with the addition of Lin Feng’s powerful physical strength, ordinary dire beast lords could not withstand it at all.
Swish! Swish! Swish!
Streaks of light from the saber flashed, and the dire beasts in front fell one after another. Be it ordinary dire beasts or elite dire beasts, even dire beast lords could not hold out a single round before Lin Feng.
Seeing Lin Feng’s ferocity, Tyrant Saber was also stunned. He did not expect his platoon member to be so ferocious. If Lin Feng wanted to take his position as platoon leader, it would not be difficult at all.
“So, I’m the narrow-minded one here after all…”
‘Tyrant Saber smiled weakly and shook his head. Even though he felt a little bitter, this was the decisive battle. He had to fight for the double points no matter what.
Lin Feng’s massacre just now had already silently resolved the danger around Platoon Nine. Hence, Tyrant Saber gathered his teammates and started fighting with the dire beasts again.
Although Lin Feng was very fast, most of the surrounding dire beasts were ordinary dire beasts. An ordinary dire beast was worth only 0.1 points. Even if it was doubled, it would only be worth 0.2 points.
This pace was too slow.
“No, this is too slow. I have to find more elite dire beasts and dire beast lords. All the better if there are dire beast kings!”
Lin Feng’s goal was to be first. Even though the speed he was killing was very fast, if they were all ordinary dire beasts, it would be useless no matter how many he killed. He wouldn’t be much competition at all.
Only by killing sufficient elite dire beasts and dire beast lords could one obtain a massive amount of merit points.
Lin Feng raised his head and looked around. Right now, everyone was basically engaged in a chaotic battle. There were many ordinary dire beasts everywhere. The dire beast lords and elite dire beasts were all hiding at the back of the dire beast horde.
These dire beasts were also commanded by demons. Compared to human martial artists, the only advantage of dire beasts was their numbers. There were simply too many ordinary dire beasts. Only by using ordinary dire beasts to continuously exhaust the martial artists would the dire beasts stand a
chance of winning.
There was only one way to kill more elite dire beasts and dire beast lords, and that was to charge to the back of the dire beast horde, where there would be numerous elite dire beasts and dire beast lords.
But that way, even Lin Feng might be in danger.
However, Lin Feng did not hesitate. If he wanted to be first, he had to risk his life.
Hence, he suddenly stomped backwards and leaped into the air. He leaped dozens of meters away and quickly jumped into the horde of dire beasts at the back.
At the same time, about twenty figures charged into the horde of dire beasts through various methods, just as Lin Feng had chosen. The most striking one was a figure flying through the air.
That figure had a pair of crimson wings on his back. With a light flap of his wings, he attained an astonishing speed. Naturally, he was the first to arrive at the back of the dire beast horde.
It was the first on the merit rankings, the Crimson Wings, Shui Yuansheng!
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