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Chapter 30 - Setting Off

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Chapter 30: Setting Off Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
When Lin Feng and Feng Xiu appeared in the Prosperity Square of Delta, there were already many people gathered here. Moreover, all of them were professional martial artists.
This was the gathering point for escort missions. Feng Xiu was a little unwilling. He was a dignified Grade Nine professional and a prodigy of the Myriad Academy. He did not want to mix with these ordinary professional martial artists.
However, Lin Feng insisted on accepting this mission, and there was nothing he could do.
The two of them walked to the registration area and announced their names. Then, a spirited young woman came forward to welcome them.
“Welcome. Please wait for a moment. We’ll leave at nine o’clock sharp.”
Everyone could see the arrogance on Feng Xiu’s face. Although Lin Feng didn’t appear arrogant, he looked undoubtedly apathetic on the surface. This made the young woman feel a bit awkward.
Beside the young woman, a short girl curled her lips and muttered, “Hmph, what’s so great about being students from the Myriad Academy?”
“Xiao Mo, don’t spout nonsense.”
The young woman warned in a low voice, then apologized to Feng Xiu and Lin Feng.
Lin Feng did not mind and waited quietly in the square with Feng Xiu.
More and more people arrived at the square. Among them were a few “celebrities”. They were all famous Grade Eight profession martial artists. As for Grade Nine professionals, there were only three of them in the entire caravan.
Of course, this number did not include Feng Xiu and Lin Feng. No one would have thought that two Grade Nine professional students from the Myriad Academy would accept this mission with merely three points.
After all, the missions they issued in the Myriad Academy only required Grade Seven professional martial artists.
About an hour later, almost everyone had arrived.
At this moment, the young woman from before said loudly, “Everyone who should be here has arrived. This time, our Value Trading Company is transporting goods to the Dragon Mountain Base. There is only one rule, and that is to obey orders. This is especially since the Outland is rather dangerous. If we encounter dire beasts, you must obey orders. The trading company has the right to kick out those who disobey orders and refuse payment!”
Everyone was expressionless. They had taken on many missions before, and many martial artists did this as a career. Every time they escorted people or goods to the Outland, even though they might encounter some danger at times, the rewards were high, so it was worth the risk.
On the other hand, the students of the Myriad Academy rarely participated in such missions. After all, the students of the Myriad Academy all came from wealthy backgrounds. Who would accept missions with little rewards like these?
This was also the real reason why many people could not help but look at Lin Feng and Feng Xiu after learning their identities.
“All right, since no one has any objections, let’s set off!”
There were many vehicles on the square. They were all huge trucks that could transport a large amount of goods using light energy. As for airships? The price was too high. Ordinary companies would not use airships for transportation at all. Otherwise, the profits from a trip to the Outland would not even be enough to cover the transport costs of the airship.
Lin Feng and Feng Xiu both sat in a truck. The inside of the truck was rather spacious. After all, there were more than ten trucks. In the truck, Lin Feng saw the woman leading the guards of the trading company, as well as the cute girl called Xiao Mo.
“Sister Xuan, is it dangerous for us to go to the Outland this time? I heard that trips to the Outland are all very dangerous.”

This seemed to be Xiao Mo’s first time going to the Outland. She was both curious and fearful.
Xuan smiled and said, “There won’t be too much danger. After all, we invited three Grade Nine professional martial artists this time. They often travel this route and are very experienced. Even if we encounter some dire beasts, they can handle them.”
“Professional Grade Nine martial artists. That’s really amazing. When can I become a Professional Grade Nine martial artist?”
“Xiao Mo, as long as you work hard, you’ll definitely become a professional Grade Nine martial artist.”
“Sister Xuan, I heard that you once studied in the Polar Academy. Why did you leave?”
Xuan’s expression changed slightly and became a little gloomy, but she did not say anything.
The atmosphere in the car was a little strange. Lin Feng and Feng Xiu were both very surprised. This spirited-looking woman was actually once a student of the Polar Academy.
It was not easy to become a student of the Polar Academy. Only true geniuses could enter the Polar Academy. This was unlike the Myriad Academy. Despite being one of the top three martial academies as well, Myriad Academy’s students more or less had an overblown reputation. They could enter as long as they had enough money, so how could it not be overblown?
Furthermore, the Polar Academy was also the most famous of the three top-notch martial academies. While the Myriad Academy was also famous, although it wasn’t notorious, its bad reputation definitely outweighed the good.
Even in Delta, the reputation of the Myriad Academy was not very good. There were simply too many ignorant and incompetent profligate heirs in it.
This “Sister Xuan” must be talented to be able to enter the Polar Academy. However, for some reason, she had dropped out of the academy. It seemed like there was a story behind it.
Perhaps Xiao Mo also knew that she had said the wrong thing, so she hurriedly added, “Sister Xuan, you’re a genius no matter where you go. You’re not like those people from the Myriad Academy, who are all profligate and untalented scumbags.”
“Hmph, little girl, what was the meaning of that?”
Feng Xiu immediately glared at her. This little girl had provoked them time and time again. Feng Xiu had been suppressing his anger for a long time.
Even Lin Feng furrowed his brows. He did not want to cause trouble, but this Xiao Mo seemed to have been targeting them from the very beginning, and this made him slightly annoyed.
“That’s the truth. The Myriad Academy is filled with profligate heirs of rich parents. Otherwise, why would you accept our mission?” Xiao Mo pouted her lips, showing no signs of fear.
“Xiao Mo!” Sister Xuan scolded harshly. Although she did not like the students of the Myriad Academy, Lin Feng and Feng Xiu had accepted the mission after all. She couldn’t possibly deride them to their faces.
“Little girl, you should consider yourselves lucky that we accepted this mission. Hmph, you’re just a little girl. I won’t lower myself to your level, but don’t cry and ask us to save you if you encounter any danger along the way.”
“You guys have the strength to save us? You’ll probably be too scared to even run when you see dire beasts.”
Feng Xiu was disgruntled. He was a Grade Nine professional and a genius of the Myriad Academy, but he was being aggrieved by a little girl today, yet he couldn’t do anything to her.
“Brother Feng, why don’t we…”
Lin Feng raised his brows. His sharp senses seemed to have detected something.
“Brother Feng, what’s wrong?”
“Listen carefully.”
“Listen to what?”
“There are footsteps, and a lot.”
Lin Feng’s expression turned somber. Xuan did not think much of it initially, but after listening carefully, her face turned pale at once.
“Dire beast, there’s a dire beast coming! Xiao Mo, stay in the truck and don’t come out.”
Xuan immediately got up and jumped out of the truck.
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