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Chapter 42 - Frontline

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Chapter 42: Frontline Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
“Feng Xiu, why are you here?”
Lin Feng opened the door. After realizing that it was Feng Xiu, he let Feng Xiu in.
Feng Xiu did not stand on ceremony and came in directly. He said hurriedly, “Brother Feng, I came here for a very important matter. I hope I didn’t disturb you.”
“I just finished practicing my martial arts. Tell me, what’s so important?”
“Brother Feng, I’ve received news recently that Dragon Mountain Base is preparing to launch a decisive battle against the dire beasts on the frontline. Killing the dire beasts during the decisive battle will reward double the points.”
“Is the news reliable?”
Lin Feng raised his brows. This was indeed a great opportunity.
“There’s more than an 80% chance that it’s true. The top 20 experts on the merit rankings have already gone to the frontline.”
Lin Feng had just mastered the second and third levels of Nonuple Body Tempering. He felt that it was very unlikely for anyone below the inhuman level to be his match now. How could he miss such a good opportunity to obtain points?
“All right, let’s go to the frontline too!”
Lin Feng made a prompt decision. Even if they had not been conscripted, they could take the initiative to go to the frontline. They just needed to apply for permission from the base of the Myriad Academy.
Lin Feng and Feng Xiu quickly applied to the base. With their merit points, they quickly passed the application. Even going to the frontline required strength. Lin Feng and Feng Xiu’s merit points were considerable, and only such martial artists could be of actual use on the frontline.
“Let’s go to the frontline.”
Lin Feng did not delay things. The two of them were already prepared and immediately headed towards the frontline.
Actually, the frontline was not very far from the base. When the two of them were sweeping the dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain region in the past, they had also seen the frontline from afar. However, they felt that the fiendish aura at the frontline was too strong. After all, fighting with a great amount
of dire beasts took place there every day. It was very dangerous, so they did not go over to take a look.
Now, they had finally arrived at the frontline. After verifying their identities, they were permitted entry.
Although it was called the frontline, it was actually a base. However, there were many martial artists in the small base. They were basically all professional Grade Seven martial artists and above. Professional martial artists around levels like Grade Four and Grade Five were not qualified to go to the
frontline at all.
Outside the base was a dense horde of dire beasts. Apart from the Proboscis Beasts, there were a few other types of dire beasts. Their numbers were unimaginable.
Just looking at the numbers, the dire beasts far exceeded that of the professional martial artists in the base. However, the martial artists in the base were able to suppress so many dire beasts without any slack, and they even had the advantage. This also proved that these martial artists were absolute
These dire beasts were all very quiet at the moment. The atmosphere between the two parties was also very strange, so calm that it felt somewhat abnormal. However, on careful thought, this was quite normal. In the past, on the frontline, there were devastating battles every day, but there were also
“demons” on the dire beasts’ side that were comparable to inhuman experts. They were even more terrifying than dire beast kings. Only experts who had broken the genetic lock could contend with them.
Naturally, the intelligence of these “demons” was also very high, and was not inferior to human martial artists.
Both parties were preparing for the decisive battle. Hence, the dire beasts were also restrained and were slowly accumulating strength.
As soon as the two of them came to the frontline, it was equivalent to being conscripted. They had to obey orders. Moreover, they would be assigned to a certain platoon.
The martial artist in charge of assignment looked at Lin Feng and Feng Xiu’s identity information and said with a small smile, “So it’s the Dire Beast Reapers duo. You’ve been in the limelight recently. Many people think that you don’t have the guts to come to the frontline. I didn’t expect you to come here
now. Are you here to earn the double points? Double points aren’t so easy to earn, though. In big battles, even top martial artists might die. I hope your luck is good enough to survive.”
Although this martial artist was somewhat talkative, he still assigned Feng Xiu and Lin Feng together.

They were going to Battalion Thirteen. There were only 16 battalions on the entire battlefield. Every battalion was led by an inhuman expert who had broken the genetic lock.
The two of them quickly reported to Battalion Thirteen, Although they were famous and had extraordinary strength, they still came very late after all, so they were only assigned to Platoon Nine.
There were about 30 people in a platoon, and 10 platoons formed a battalion. In other words, a battalion had 300 people. On the entire frontline, the human martial artists only numbered 4,800 professional martial artists.
Perhaps this number already appeared huge. After all, they were all Grade Seven professionals or above. It was unimaginable for there to be as many as 4,800 of them.
However, this was the frontline, and they were facing tens of thousands of dire beasts. This few professional martial artists was simply a drop in the bucket. Still, human martial artists had the advantage in terms of strength.
But even so, human martial artists would suffer a lot of losses in battle. Hence, the decisive battle was definitely not something to be casually discussed. It meant people dying.
Lin Feng and Feng Xiu went to report to Platoon Nine. The captain of Platoon Nine was also a peak Grade Nine professional martial artist. The captain had thick brows, big eyes, and a stocky build. He appeared very rugged.
“From today onwards, I’m your captain, Zhang Wei. My nickname is Tyrant Saber. Heh, I prefer to be addressed as Boss Tyrant Saber. Since you’re a member of my platoon, you have to obey orders, understand?”
Feng Xiu curled his lip and did not take him seriously. In actuality, the way he saw it, Lin Feng could at the very least be a platoon leader. Now, he was under someone else’s roof and an ordinary member, which naturally made Feng Xiu unhappy.
‘Tyrant Saber gave Feng Xiu a loaded look. “All right, the decisive battle is imminent. No matter what your purpose is, I only have one requirement in the decisive battle, and that is to survive!”
With that, Tyrant Saber ignored Lin Feng and Feng Xiu.
The two of them returned to their respective dormitories. Feng Xiu said discontentedly, “Brother Feng, this platoon leader is even weaker than Brother Feng’s. What right does he have to order you around? Why don’t we challenge Zhang Wei and take the position of platoon leader for fun?”
After entering the platoon, they actually learned some of the rules here as well. The strong were respected! In the platoon, the platoon leader was always the strongest. If one was unconvinced, they could issue a challenge. Once they won, they could become the leader.
After all, this was only a temporary team. The more powerful one was, the more support they would receive from everyone. They would also be able to bring the people together.
However, Lin Feng shook his head. He did not care about the position of leader at all. He came to the frontline for points, and for life-or-death trials, to find a path to breaking the genetic lock. Even the slightest bit of hope was fine by him.
However, although he was powerful in the present, he still had not found a way to break the genetic lock. There was not even a sign. Lin Feng did not have much time left now. Originally, he only had over two years. Now that four months had passed, there might only be two years left.
He had to break the genetic lock within two years. Otherwise, no matter how strong he was, he would not be able to escape the torment of illness in the end..
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