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Chapter 32 - Killed with a Single Punch

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Chapter 32: Killed with a Single Punch Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“What, another Alpha Wolf?”
Everyone was stunned. How could there possibly be two Alpha Wolves in a single pack?
The Alpha Wolf that Lin Feng had noticed leaped into the air, and its body began to expand rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it had become four or five times larger than an ordinary Subspecies Wolf.
How could this be an ordinary Subspecies Wolf? This was clearly a Alpha Wolf!
Even though Lin Feng’s warning was very timely, the reaction of the three Grade Nine professional martial artists was still slightly slower. Moreover, this huge Alpha Wolf was very cunning. It attacked immediately at lightning speed.
Two Grade Nine professional martial artists joined forces and threw a punch at the Alpha Wolf which had launched the sneak attack. However, the Alpha Wolf was unexpectedly strong. With a jolt, the two Grade Nine professional martial artists felt their entire bodies go numb and couldn’t help but take a few steps back. Even their arms felt weak and sore. With just one blow, they had actually already lost.
The three of them did not dare to clash head-on. These were two Alpha Wolves. They immediately gave up on killing the previous Alpha Wolf and returned among the martial artists.
The thirty professional martial artists led by Xuan were now in a dilemma. Two out of the three professional martial artists suffered light injuries, and the two Alpha Wolves were watching them menacingly.
There was a howl.
The Alpha Wolf howled towards the sky. At the same time, all the Subspecies Wolves howled and approached the martial artists step by step.
Many martial artists became nervous. This was an extremely dangerous situation. The Alpha Wolf wasn’t dead, and they had been surrounded instead.
“How can there be two Alpha Wolves in a wolf pack?”
“That largest Alpha Wolf in particular has probably far surpassed the average dire beast lord.”
“We’re in trouble now.”
Although these martial artists were experienced, they were helpless in such a situation.
At this moment, Xuan’s expression was also grim. She enunciated, “There isn’t two Alpha Wolves. There is only one Alpha wolf, and it is the largest dire beast that ambushed the three Grade Nine professional martial artists in the end. That is the real Alpha Wolf! It is really too cunning. First, it used a Subspecies Wolf that wasn’t inferior to dire beast lords to attract our attention. Then, it waited for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack. It was obviously trying to get us all in one fell swoop. This Alpha Wolf is extremely intelligent. We are in danger.”
Xuan could not help but glance at Lin Feng, who had warned her just now. However, Lin Feng was only a Grade Seven professional martial artist. What use could he be? Now, even three Grade Nine professional martial artists couldn’t stop it.
The real Alpha Wolf, in particular, did not seem to be an ordinary dire beast lord, but a peak-level dire beast lord. Never mind the fact that two of the three professional Grade Nine martial artists were injured, even if all three of them were unharmed, they might not be able to gain the upper hand against this terrifying Alpha Wolf.
As the wolf pack advanced step by step, everyone held their breaths and focused. Those who were still guarding the rear had their hearts in their throats.

Even Xiao Mo knew that the situation was not looking good.
Feng Xiu glanced over at Xiao Mo, then back at the wolf pack, especially that ridiculously massive Alpha Wolf. He chuckled lightly, “It’s just an Alpha Wolf. Why are they so nervous?”
Xiao Mo couldn’t help but exclaim, “You… you guys are too despicable! Can’t you see how Sister Xuan is in danger right now? They’re fighting with their lives on the line in front, yet you’re mocking them at the back!”
“Was that mocking? That’s the truth. A mere Alpha Wolf is nothing.”
“If you are so good, go up there and kill the Alpha Wolf!”
“Why should I go up? Didn’t Sister Xuan give us the order? We just need to guard at the back.”
Xiao Mo’s face was flushed red with anger, but she was unable to say anything. She looked as though she was about to cry, and tears welled up in her eyes. After all, she was just a little girl.
“Feng Xiu, guard the rear.”
“Brother Feng, you don’t have to save them so early. They look like they can still hold out for a while.”
“Since we’ve accepted the mission, we have to contribute.”
Seeing the relaxed expressions on Feng Xiu and Lin Feng’s faces, Xiao Mo opened her mouth, but refrained from saying anything in the end.
“Are these rich heirs from the Myriad Academy trying to get themselves killed?” Xiao Mo muttered under her breath. Her voice was very soft and Feng Xiu did not hear her.
Lin Feng heard her, but he did not care in the least.
Bang. Lin Feng stomped on the ground, and it seemed as if the entire ground was shaking. Immediately after, a huge pit appeared on the ground, and he instantly leaped into the middle of the pack of wolves like a cannonball.
“Was that…?”
“That seemed to be the two students from the Myriad Academy.”
“Rich heirs from the Myriad Academy? All of them are useless. Is he trying to get himself killed?”
“The power of that strike just now was very strong. It couldn’t be simple. We may really have another source of help.”
Seeing Lin Feng charge directly towards the pack of wolves without even a battle saber, many people were very surprised, but what they mainly felt was disdain. There were geniuses in the Myriad Academy, but most of them were just some profligate heirs who relied on piling resources to become professional martial artists. How could they possibly be of any use?
Xuan and the rest naturally saw Lin Feng as well. However, they were struggling to even protect themselves at the moment, and naturally could not protect Lin Feng.
Boom. Lin Feng jumped into the pack of wolves at once. He threw a punch, and a terrifying force exploded. The surrounding Subspecies Wolves were killed by Lin Feng’s punch almost before they could even approach him.
Moreover, Lin Feng advanced step by step towards the Alpha Wolf with great determination. One after another, the Subspecies Wolves pounced towards him, but it was to no avail.
Lin Feng was like a god of war, invincible among the wolves.
“Grade Nine professional? He must be a peak Grade Nine professional.”
“Impressive, impressive. He must be a genius from the Myriad Academy. To think that the caravan had managed to invite such a genius. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have worried.”
“Although there are many profligate heirs in the Myriad Academy, true geniuses there are also very terrifying. This person’s strength far surpasses ordinary Grade Nine professional martial artists. There’s hope for us now.”
Seeing Lin Feng’s prowess, anyone could tell that Lin Feng had the strength of a Grade Nine professional.
At this moment, Xiao Mo’s mouth was agape as well. There was a look of disbelief on her face. Seeing this, Feng Xiu’s spirits lifted. He laughed heartily, “Little girl, now you know how formidable we are, don’t you?”
Xiao Mo pouted and said, “He’s the one who’s powerful, not you. Besides, no matter how powerful he is, can he defeat that Alpha Wolf?”
“Of course Brother Feng is powerful. As for me, although I’m not that powerful, I’m still much stronger than those nobodies you folks invited. Alpha Wolf? Heh, Brother Feng doesn’t even need to use a second punch to kill an Alpha Wolf.”
“Big talk.”
Xiao Mo naturally did not believe it. One look at the Alpha Wolf’s stature and one could tell that it was no ordinary beast. Even a truly formidable Grade Nine professional martial artist would not dare to claim that they could defeat the Alpha Wolf with a single punch.
But what would Xiao Mo know about how terrifying the top 100 students of the Myriad Academy were?
At this moment, Lin Feng had already charged all the way before the Alpha Wolf. Moreover, there were two that were comparable to dire beast lords.
The alpha wolf seemed to be able to sense Lin Feng’s threat. Hence, it growled and stared intently at Lin Feng.
Swoosh. The Alpha Wolf moved, and two dire beast lords pounced at Lin Feng together.
“Be careful.”
Xuan could not help but remind him loudly. She even felt somewhat resentful in her heart. Even if Lin Feng was strong, he shouldn’t have been careless. He should have converged with them and killed the Alpha Wolf together.
“Wild Bovine’s Tread!”
Lin Feng threw a punch. It was like a wild bovine galloping through the wilderness, carrying five tons of force as it enveloped the two dire beast lords.
Bang. Lin Feng sent the massive bodies of the two dire beast lords flying back with just one punch, and they fell heavily to the ground. The Alpha Wolf howled in pain for a few times, then stopped moving. It was obviously dead.
Lin Feng retracted his fist, looking nonchalant.
“I’ll leave the rest to you.”
With that, Lin Feng returned to the crowd behind him.
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