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Chapter 4 - Returning Home

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Chapter 4: Returning Home Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“Brother, don’t force yourself.”
“Don’t worry, it’s fine.”
Lin Feng patted Lin Qian’s shoulder, then walked up to the ring step by step. The entire martial arts club was very quiet. They felt that Lin Feng, who was entering the ring, no longer had the usual sickly air to him.
Du Qiang also vaguely felt that something was amiss. However, he was very confident in his own strength. He was a Grade Three martial artist, and his physique was close to that of a professional martial artist. Wouldn’t it be a simple matter to deal with someone as weak as Lin Feng?
“Very well. Lin Feng, watch carefully. Wild Bovine’s Tread!”
This was the first move of Wild Bovine’s Might. Du Qiang did have some talent. In such a short period of time, he was already able to use techniques of Wild Bovine’s Might. Moreover, he seemed to be doing it with ease and skill, as if he was very familiar with it.
However, in Lin Feng’s eyes, the Wild Bovine’s Tread made by Du Qiang only had the form and lacked the spirit. It was just a simulacrum.
Lin Feng closed his eyes slightly. He was feeling for the restlessness within his body. This restlessness became more and more intense, eventually exploding within his body like a volcano erupting.
Lin Feng opened his eyes. At this moment, however, his eyes were filled with brutality like those of a dire beast. He threw a punch naturally as well. It was also the Wild Bovine’s Tread.
At this moment, Lin Feng really seemed to have transformed into a Wild Bovine. Once he used Wild Bovine’s Tread, Du Qiang felt as if he really saw a ferocious Wild Bovine stomp towards him hard.
Du Qiang’s expression became extremely astonished, as if his face had warped. It felt like his entire body had been struck by a train. From the outside in, the blow fractured his arm instantly, causing a brittle crunch to resound out. His entire body was sent flying, and he smacked heavily onto the ground of the ring before passing out straight away.
With a single punch, Du Qiang was defeated!
At this moment, the martial arts club had never been so quiet. It was as if they could not believe that the person standing on the ring was the usually sickly and frail-looking Lin Feng.
“Brother, are you all right?”
“Lin Feng, how are you feeling?”
Lin Qian and Qu Chen, the two goddesses, hurriedly ran up to the stage and asked Lin Feng about his well-being. Lin Qian’s reaction was understandable, but even a fool could tell that Qu Chen had feelings for Lin Feng beyond what’s usual.
This made countless martial arts club members feel disheartened. Of course, there were also many who were jealous. Looking at the unconscious vice president Du Qiang lying on the ground, did Lin Feng look like the person who was in trouble?
Du Qiang was the one actually in trouble!
“Quick, quick, send Senior Du Qiang to the hospital.”
Someone had already reacted and hurriedly sent Du Qiang to the campus medical service. It was obvious that this martial arts club event could no longer continue. Someone was injured, and there was no knowing what else could happen.

That professional martial artist, Lei Sheng, who had been apathetic the whole time, seemed to have discovered something. He suddenly lifted his head and stared straight at Lin Feng. “You comprehended the Wild Bovine’s True Intent?”
“Wild Bovine’s True Intent? I’m not sure either. I just felt that at that instant, I seemed to have transformed into a Wild Bovine…”
Lin Feng could not tell if that was the true intent. However, in that instant, he had indeed felt like he had transformed into a Wild Bovine. His mind was filled with insane and violent thoughts. Even now, he was still feeling a little uncomfortable.
“That’s right, that’s the Wild Bovine’s True Intent. I didn’t expect you to be able to comprehend the Wild Bovine’s True Intent. No wonder you could execute that punch earlier.”
Lei Sheng shook his head, then handed Lin Feng a name card directly. “This is my name card. You are very talented in martial arts. If you are interested, you can look for me at the Wind Source Club.”
Lin Feng put away the name card, and Lei Sheng left the club directly. Lin Feng’s sister helped him back to the rented apartment.
After his sister had left, Lin Feng hurriedly checked his attributes panel. Sure enough, there was a new change in the skill column.
“Skills: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice), Wild Bovine’s Might (Mastered, comprehended Wild Bovine’s True Intent)
He carefully recalled that feeling. He could clearly feel a sense of violence, as if he had transformed into a Wild Bovine, especially when he used the Wild Bovine’s Might in the rented apartment again. This was the Wild Bovine’s True Intent, but he could not control it freely. There seemed to be a sense of losing control.
“Could this be the side effect of genetic fusion?”
Lin Feng had a hypothesis. The reason he could comprehend the Wild Bovine’s True Intent so quickly was probably that he had fused with the Wild Bovine’s genes. After all, it was very difficult for others to comprehend the Wild Bovine’s True Intent. Having fused with Wild Bovine genes, from a certain perspective, he was a true “Wild Bovine”. Since he was a Wild Bovine, wouldn’t it be a simple matter to comprehend the Wild Bovine’s True Intent?
The true intent of a martial technique was very important. It could unleash power several times greater than one’s own in at once, making it extremely terrifying in combat. However, Lin Feng also had to control the side effects of his fused genes. He absolutely could not be affected by the violent emotions of the Wild Bovine. Otherwise, he might really become an out-of-control monster.
Genetic fusion might have many benefits, but it still had certain side effects. This required extremely strong willpower to subdue other genetic wills.
However, Lin Feng also thought of a solution. He began to focus on practicing Wild Bovine’s Might, adapting to the violent emotions of Wild Bovine’s Might, so as to gradually subdue the residual violent emotions of the Wild Bovine in his body.

The next day was the weekend. Lin Feng and Lin Qian did not have many classes on the weekend. Under normal circumstances, they would make a trip home.
Early in the morning, Lin Qian came to Lin Feng’s rented apartment to look for him. Yesterday, Lin Feng had defeated Du Qiang in the ring. This was just too surprising, especially for Lin Qian, who knew that Lin Feng had a strange illness. She was actually very worried.
“Brother, are you really okay?”
“Of course I’m fine. How could I have defeated Du Qiang otherwise?”
Lin Feng said with a smile. After he obtained the genetic fusion device and fused with the Wild Bovine’s genes, he seemed to have inexhaustible strength every day. Hence, his mood also became more relaxed.
“I forgot to ask, how did you defeat Du Qiang yesterday?”
Lin Qian was very curious, but she was worried about Lin Feng’s health yesterday, so she didn’t ask.
Lin Feng pondered. He would have to tell his family about this sooner or later, but he could not tell them about the genetic fusion device. Hence, Lin Feng said ambiguously, “I have some success in practicing martial arts recently, and I have many doubts too. I need a thorough checkup when we get home.”
“Yes, that’s right. Hurry home and do a detailed checkup. Make sure nothing is up with your health.”
Lin Qian was a little anxious as well, so she left the school with Lin Feng. Outside the school, a luxurious black car was already waiting. This was a car specially sent by Lin Feng’s parents for escorting Lin Feng and Lin Qian home during the weekend.
Lin Feng got into the car, and the car started slowly. Looking at the scenery outside the window, he gradually calmed down. In fact, he was still a little nervous. He was not sure if his strange illness could actually be cured by the fused genes.
Not long after, the car slowly drove into a luxurious villa area and stopped in front of a villa. Lin Feng and Lin Qian got out of the car and entered the villa directly.
“Dad, Mom.”
Entering the villa, there was a middle-aged man wearing gold-framed glasses. He looked very cultured. This was Lin Feng and Lin Qian’s father, Lin Xiong.
Lin Xiong had founded the Lin Corporation from scratch. It was one of the most powerful corporations in Central Sea. He could be considered a business kingpin.
Their mother, Luo Xiuting, was also a famous fashion designer. She founded a fashion corporation, but later joined the Lin Corporation, where she was still the chief fashion consultant.
In such a family, there was no lack of money. For this reason, although Lin Feng had a strange illness, he was still alive and well up until now.
Every weekend, Lin Xiong and Luo Xiuting would put aside their busy work and go home to spend a weekend with their son, Lin Feng. Both of them knew that Lin Feng’s days were numbered.
“Dad, Mom, quickly get Dr. Liu to come and do a checkup for third brother.”
Lin Qian said anxiously as soon as she got home.
“What happened to Lin Feng?”
Lin Xiong and Luo Xiuting immediately became anxious. They knew that their son’s strange illness could take an unexpected turn at any time. Hence, their family even specially built a professional medical room with a specialized doctor to perform a checkup on their son at any time.
Lin Qian briefly explained what had happened. Mr. and Mrs. Lin looked at each other in disbelief and worry.
“Feng’er, when did you become so good at martial arts? Could there be something wrong with your body? I’ll call Dr. Liu to the medical room to check on you.”
The family started to worry.
“Dad, Mom, I should be fine. I feel quite good. By the way, has big brother not returned?”
“Your brother is busy with work. He’s in charge of such a big company.”
Lin Xiong explained casually. The Lin family had a total of three sons and one daughter. The eldest son, Lin Yong, was groomed by Lin Xiong to be the successor of the company and had always been assisting Lin Xiong in the company.
The second son, Lin Hai, had already joined the army and was a Lieutenant Colonel. A General appreciated his talent greatly, and he could be considered to have established his roots in the military. He was also the pride of his parents.
The third son was Lin Feng, and the fourth daughter was Lin Qian.
In the Lin family, the eldest and second eldest were the pride of the Lin family. Although Lin Qian was still young, she had some innate talent in martial arts. It was very likely that she would become a professional martial artist in the future. With the Lin family’s support, she would accomplish great things as well.
Only Lin Feng had a strange illness since he was young. Although he was loved by the entire family, they could not do anything about his strange illness. Now, Mr. and Mrs. Lin only hoped that Lin Feng could live happily for the remaining few years of his life.
Dr. Liu arrived quickly after receiving the call. He gave Lin Feng a simple checkup, but he was still somewhat uncertain. “Send Young Master Feng to the medical room and do a thorough checkup.”
Thus, the whole family sent Lin Feng into the medical room. The equipment in this medical room was practically the most advanced. Just building this medical room alone cost hundreds of millions. Only a family as wealthy as the Lin family could specially build a medical room to treat Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was also very nervous. Although he had fused with the Wild Bovine genes and felt more energetic than ever, he was not confident about the strange illness he’s had since he was young.
As the tests were conducted one by one, Dr. Liu’s expression became more and more serious. Seeing this, the Lin family also became nervous.
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