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Chapter 29 - Preparations

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Chapter 29: Preparations Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
After leaving the Virtual Battle Chamber, Lin Feng was stunned to see the crowd outside.
Although Lin Feng had failed in challenging the Demon King, he was still one of the top 100 students in any case. These people were all very respectful towards Lin Feng as they called him “senior” ingratiatingly.
But in reality, Lin Feng was just a new student. These people were his seniors.
Lin Feng did not stay for long. He left the Virtual Battle Chamber immediately. However, the news that he had become one of the top 100 students spread very quickly. Some people claimed that Lin Feng was the strongest person in the entire Myriad Academy!
Lin Feng did not care about such empty titles. He had already decided to go to the Outland as soon as possible. Hence, he had already started making preparations. In the Virtual Battle Chamber, Lin Feng discovered that many people used sabers.
Then, he searched on the Internet and made inquiries on the school forum. Finally, he had a vague understanding of it. When fighting with those dire beasts in the Outland, the efficiency of using a saber was definitely much higher than using only fists. This was also why so many martial artists used sabers in the Outland.
Even though Lin Feng majored in fist techniques and practiced fist techniques with Nonuple Body Tempering, since he was going to the Outland, he had to be well-prepared. Moreover, having a saber technique in addition was not a bad thing.
Hence, Lin Feng gritted his teeth and used 80 points to exchange for the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. This was a pure martial technique in the form of a saber technique, and also one of the first-rate martial techniques in the Myriad Academy.
In the Virtual Battle Chamber, Lin Feng had already experienced the power of the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. Hence, if he wanted to choose a saber technique, he would naturally choose the Lightning Arc Saber Technique.
This Lightning Arc Saber Technique was rather difficult to master. It capitalized on sheer speed and winning through speed. Lin Feng roughly practiced it and knew that this was not something that could be mastered in a short period of time. Hence, he could only put it aside for now, and take time to practice it in the Outland in the future.
Other than the saber technique, he also needed a saber.
Battle sabers, on the other hand, were very cheap. Many battle sabers were on sale in the online shop of Myriad Academy. Even particle-cutting battle sabers were sold, and the price was inexpensive at only one point.
“This is a fine saber. I’ll take it.”
Lin Feng saw a red particle-cutting saber and immediately chose this saber.
Soon, the saber was delivered to Lin Feng. This was a particle-cutting saber that required energy crystals to replenish. However, he received two energy crystals with the purchase when buying the saber. That was enough to allow continuous battles for a very long time.
Lin Feng took out the saber. The scarlet saber was incomparably sharp, and even came with an “oscillation” effect. It was undoubtedly a fearsome weapon for killing.
“This is good. If I can master the Lightning Arc Saber Technique, I wouldn’t be at much of a disadvantage when fighting against dire beasts in the Outland.”
Lin Feng was very satisfied.
However, after spending so many points, he only had a few points left. He originally wanted to buy a set of armor, but his points were already insufficient.
“Never mind. I’ll go to the Outland first. With my strength, safety is still guaranteed to some degree. Once I earn enough points, I can naturally buy whatever I want.”
Lin Feng was already prepared. There were actually two ways now that he wanted to head to the Outland.
The first method was to board the private airships of Myriad Academy to get to the Myriad Academy’s base in the Outland. Many students used this method to get to the Outland.

The advantage of this method was that it was very safe. The airship had a fire control system and great firepower. There were even experts from the academy who had broken the genetic lock overseeing it. However, the disadvantage was also very obvious. The cost of each ride was 10 points.
The thing was that Lin Feng did not even have 10 points left now.
The second method was to accept a mission to go to the Outland within the academy. He would be able to arrive at the Outland through this method as well. This way, not only would it be free, he would even obtain points as reward.
Of course, this method was also dangerous. Since those were escort missions, they had to take action if they encountered any danger along the way. Although the trade routes to the Outland were well-established, there were still some unlucky caravans that encountered dire beasts occasionally, suffering heavy losses and even encountering life-threatening dangers.
There wouldn’t be experts who had broken the genetic lock among caravans.
Lin Feng did not consider this for too long. He resolutely chose the second option. In any case, he was going to the Outland to gain experience. He would fight with dire beasts to train himself. How could he be afraid of danger?
Moreover, he could save points. Now that Lin Feng was really strong, he did not want to add to his family’s troubles.
Hence, Lin Feng began searching for missions that required going to the Outland on the forum.
In fact, there were many missions to go to the Outland. However, Lin Feng tried his best to pick a mission whose destination was near the base of Myriad Academy. Soon, he eliminated most of the missions.
Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. A mission had just been posted on the forum. It needed to recruit two students from the Myriad Academy who were ideally Grade Seven professionals at the minimum. They would escort a batch of goods to the Dragon Mountain Base in the Outland.
Coincidentally, Myriad Academy’s base in the Outland was in Dragon Mountain.
“I’ll take it.”
Lin Feng did not hesitate, but this mission required two students from the Myriad Academy. Lin Feng thought for a while and immediately contacted Feng Xiu.
“Feng Xiu, hurry up and accept a mission to the Outland. The destination is Dragon Mountain Base. I’ve already accepted it. The reward is three points.”
Feng Xiu was slightly stunned when he heard this. However, he was completely convinced of Lin Feng’s power now, and was even a little intimidated. He did not dare to reject Lin Feng, so he followed Lin Feng’s instructions and accepted this mission as well.
The mission would take place two days later, and there was sufficient time to prepare.

In two days, Lin Feng had finally mastered the basics of the Lightning Arc Saber Technique, though he was only at the basics. Together with the saber, he could just about manage to use it.
However, this was enough. This kind of saber technique had to be improved bit by bit through actual combat and killing.
As it approached the time of heading to the Outland, Lin Feng went to find Zhang Qiji to bid him farewell.
Zhang Qiji was very moved. He brought Lin Feng and had a wild night out in Delta City. Zhang Qiji was drunk at the bar and kept spouting nonsense. However, Lin Feng could tell from Zhang Qiji that the profligate heir was actually very miserable deep down. He also wanted to become the backbone of the family, but unfortunately, he did not have the ability.
Lin Feng patted Zhang Qiji’s head and brought him back to the school dormitory.
No matter what, Zhang Qiji was his brother. When he broke the genetic lock in the future and became inhuman, he might as well do Zhang Qiji some favors.
Zhang Qiji was still calling Bai Jing’s name in his sleep. It was obvious that Zhang Qiji was really serious about Bai Jing.
“Brother, I’m going. We’ll meet again if fate allows it!”
Lin Feng whispered in Zhang Qiji’s ear. In truth, he had already made up his mind that he must definitely break the genetic lock on this trip to the Outland. If he did not succeed, perhaps he would never return.
Soon, it was daybreak. Lin Feng took one last look at Zhang Qiji before packing up and leaving the academy with Feng Xiu.
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