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Chapter 38 - Fusing Proboscis Beast Genes

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Chapter 38: Fusing Proboscis Beast Genes Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Lin Feng put away his battle saber, and the madness in his eyes gradually faded. A dense pile of corpses lay beside him, all of which were Proboscis Beasts’ corpses.
Although Lin Feng was also very tired, he felt a hint of excitement in the depths of his heart. Perhaps this kind of life was what he actually hoped for. It was a stark contrast to his monotonous life from before.
Li and the others walked over and expressed their gratitude to Lin Feng. “Thank you, Sir. If not for your help, the three of us would be dead today.”
Li thanked Lin Feng from the bottom of his heart. The three of them had wanted to attract the dire beasts, but they had not expected to cause such a huge trouble. If they had not met Lin Feng, they would really be doomed today.
Lin Feng then began to clean up the spoils of war. These dire beasts that were killed on the battlefield would naturally be cleaned up by people from the Myriad Academy. After all, Lin Feng and the rest had already obtained a lot of points.
Lin Feng did some calculations. He had killed five dire beast lords, which was about 50 points. Added to that was more than 50 elite dire beasts, which would also be worth over 50 points.
As for ordinary dire beasts, they were innumerable. In the end, Lin Feng checked his points and found that he had actually obtained more than 120 points. Added to the previous points, Lin Feng now had 153 points.
His merit points were more than 120. This was a huge gain. One had to remember that Lin Feng had just arrived at the Dragon Mountain Base for less than a day.
Even Feng Xiu benefited from following Lin Feng and obtained some points.
The speed of earning money for professional martial artists, especially high-level professional martial artists, was unimaginable. In less than a day, Lin Feng had earned more than 100 million. This was just terrifying.
Of course, there were very few professional martial artists who could reach Lin Feng’s level.
“What are your plans?”
“We’ve suffered heavy losses today, and we’re all injured. We’re going back to the base to recuperate for a while.”
Lin Feng nodded and said, “That’s just as well. We’re planning to head back too. Let’s go together.”
Actually, as Li and the other two were injured, there was risk even if they were just returning to the base. Lin Feng’s action could be considered as escorting them safely back to the base.
Li was naturally very grateful. Thus, the five of them returned to the base together.
After returning to the base, both parties exchanged contact information and then returned to their respective residences to rest.
Lin Feng was also tired from the day, but he was very happy to see the 153 points. However, he still felt that he was lacking in the previous battle.
Although he seemed very powerful, if he had been alone at the time, he would definitely be dead after being surrounded by the Proboscis Beasts.
He had thought that he was strong enough, but he did not expect the Outland to still be so dangerous.
Fortunately, Lin Feng had already mastered every inch of his body. At this moment, he could actually continue fusing the genes of dire beasts.
Hence, Lin Feng took out a piece of Proboscis Beast lord’s flesh. He was preparing to fuse the Proboscis Beast’s genes. The Proboscis Beast’s skin and flesh were tough, and its strength was great. Its genes definitely contained terrifying power, which was suitable for Lin Feng’s current direction of fusion.

However, the fusion of the Proboscis Beast was different from the previous two fusions. In fact, neither the Wild Bovine nor the Unicorn could be considered very powerful dire beasts. In fact, dire beast lords could not even be born among them.
However, dire beast lords could easily be born in Proboscis Beasts. This meant that their genes were very powerful. Once they were fused, it was one thing for Lin Feng’s strength to increase, but it was another thing for Lin Feng to control such powerful strength.
Lin Feng did not hesitate for too long. He checked his various attributes.
Physique: 19.56
Strength: 18.85
Agility: 11.34
Technique: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice), Wild Bovine’s Might (Mastered, comprehended Wild Bovine’s True Intent), Nonuple Body Tempering (Mastered, can summon a Spiral Force), Lightning Arc Blade Technique (Proficient)
Genetic Fusion: Wild Bovine genes (100% fusion, complete fusion), Unicorn genes (100% fusion, complete fusion)
Genetic Capacity: 16%
Lin Feng’s various attributes were fairly good. He had basically reached the peak of a normal professional martial artist. However, this was far from enough for Lin Feng, who wanted to break the genetic lock.
Although there was no direct evidence that the stronger one’s body was, the easier it was to break the genetic lock, most inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock were physically stronger than ordinary professional martial artists. Perhaps there was some inevitable connection between them.
Lin Feng was not doing research right now, and he did not have the time to delve into it. He was in the Outland, where he could encounter danger at any time. Hence, it was always good to increase his strength and his ability to survive.
Hence, Lin Feng immediately ordered the genetic fusion device, “Fuse the Proboscis Beast genes.”
“Begin fusion.”
Lin Feng’s body shook. A familiar feeling he had not experienced for a long time returned to his body again. This was not the first time Lin Feng had fused genes. He was very familiar with it.
However, something was different this time. He felt as if a tyrannical force was forcefully rammed into his body.
Buzz. The images of the Wild Bovine, Unicorn, and Proboscis Beast appeared in Lin Feng’s mind. They seemed to be roaring at each other. There was another image of Lin Feng himself.
This was Lin Feng’s consciousness. Previously, he had already used his consciousness to suppress the instinctive consciousness deep within the Wild Bovine and Unicorn genes. Now that he had fused the Proboscis Beast genes, the instincts of the three beasts were all activated.
However, Lin Feng quickly began to suppress the instincts of the three dire beasts with his own consciousness by using the method in level one of Nonuple Body Tempering.
As Lin Feng’s consciousness was very strong, the instincts of the three dire beasts were quickly suppressed. At the same time, a strong desire seemed to have come up in Lin Feng’s body. It was a feeling of “hunger”.
Lin Feng immediately took out the high-grade nutrient solution he had prepared beforehand and injected it into his body.
As the nutrient solution was injected, Lin Feng’s body seemed to be slowly expanding. In the past, his body looked sturdy, but now his frame was gradually increasing.
Even his height had increased slightly. He no longer looked sturdy, but strong.
One, two, three… Lin Feng only stopped after injecting eight high-grade nutrient solutions.
If it was an ordinary person, even injecting two or three nutrient solutions would probably cause huge issues for their body. But for Lin Feng, this many nutrient solutions could be absorbed by his body very well.
“Genetic fusion complete!”
After the gene fusion process was completed, Lin Feng heaved a long sigh of relief.
Power, power, invincible power!
Right now, his felt refreshed all over. An unprecedentedly powerful feeling filled his heart.
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