Novel Name : Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 12

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On the express train, Lin Feng sat quietly in his seat. Although the speed of the train was fast, the
person sitting within felt very calm.

Lin Feng did not choose a plane. Instead, he chose a high speed train. Ever since he started practicing
martial arts, Lin Feng was afraid that things beyond control would happen. Planes flied high up in the
sky. If anything happened, even with his current physique, he would meet certain death. But a high
speed train was different. If any accidents happened, he could escape immediately.

Beside Lin Feng were two fashionable young girls. They were not very old and looked like students. It
was already August, and many students who went to foreign universities were starting to register.

The two girls seemed to be very sociable. They offered the snacks in front of them to Lin Feng and
said, “Handsome, do you want to eat?”

“Thanks, but I’m not eating.”

Lin Feng declined their offer, but they continued to ask, “Where are you going, handsome? Yandu?”

The terminal station of this train was Yandu. It was no wonder they thought so.

“No, I’m going to Delta.”

Lin Feng did not hide anything. He was indeed going to Delta because the Myriad Academy was there.

“Wow, what a coincidence. We’re also going to Delta. I heard that Delta is the most modernized new
city. The center of the Delta urban agglomeration has a population of 300 million. Gee, I wonder what it
looks like.”


The two girls’ eyes lit up at the mention of Delta. Delta was indeed a new city. Compared to other
historical cities in Country Hua that were hundreds or thousands of years old, Delta had only been
established for over a hundred years.

However, since it was established as the center of the entire Delta urban agglomeration, the current
Delta was a place where the economy was highly developed. It was not an exaggeration to say that it
was the most developed city in all of Country Hua and even all of Asia.


“By the way, handsome, are you going to school in Delta?”


“We are going to school too. We were accepted by Delta Industrial University. What about you,

Lin Feng did not answer the two girls’ persistent questions this time. Instead, he closed his eyes.


Seeing that Lin Feng did not seem interested, the two girls were a little disappointed. It was not easy to
meet a handsome guy about their age, but he was a little cold.


Lin Feng did not even notice that a girl beside him had secretly taken a photo of him. She had a smug
look on her face. Then, she immediately posted it on her WeChat Moments with the caption: “The
super cool hunk I met on the train to the Delta.”

Lin Feng had a cold aura about him, as if he was unapproachable. However, his looks were not bad.
Even when he was in Central Sea University, many girls had been secretly paying attention to Lin
Feng. However, no girl other than Qu Chen had ever entered Lin Feng’s heart.

“Xiao Ye, send the photo to me later. He’s really too handsome. It’s a pity that I don’t know which
university in Delta this handsome guy is in. Looks like I’ll have to ask around on my Moments later.
Maybe someone will know which university this handsome guy is in.”

The two girls were secretly delighted.

After six hours of speeding, the high speed train finally stopped. Lin Feng had already opened his eyes.
They had arrived at Delta.

The two young girls were also tired and in a daze. When they saw their destination, they woke up too.

“We’re finally here.”

“I’m so tired.”

“Where are you going, handsome? Let’s see if we’re going the same way. Shall we take a cab

Lin Feng shook his head. “No need.”

With that, he carried his bag and got off the train.

Outside the train station, people were coming and going, and there was an unending flow of cars. It
was also Lin Feng’s first time in Delta. Although the Lin Corporation had an office in Delta, he did not

want to trouble his family. After all, the Lin Corporation was already overwhelmed by dealing with the
East Sea Corporation. He could handle such a minor matter himself.

There was a bus stop outside the train station, but Lin Feng wasn’t familiar with the route, so he could
only try his best to walk outside. He was going to take a cab directly to Myriad Academy.

However, just as Lin Feng was about to hail a cab, his sharp eyes suddenly caught a yellow sports car
speeding along the road a few hundred meters ahead.

Especially since the yellow sports car was very fast and was heading straight for the station.

“Lost control?”

Lin Feng frowned. He saw that there were many people at the bus stop who did not even realize the
danger. Since he had discovered it, Lin Feng couldn’t possibly ignore it.


Hence, Lin Feng took a deep breath and stomped his feet. The entire train station seemed to shake
slightly. Then, Lin Feng shot forward like a cannonball.

“Holy sh*t. Superman.”


A spectacled man not far away from Lin Feng saw Lin Feng’s actions. He was dumbfounded.

“I lost control. This is my first time driving…”

In the yellow sports car, a young man whose hair was dyed orange was also dumbfounded. The speed
of the sports car was getting faster and faster. It seemed like there was a malfunction, and he could no
longer control it.

Seeing that the sports car was about to hit the station, he couldn’t do much else. With a sudden burst
of strength, his entire body instantly bounced out of the car. Then, he rolled a few times on the ground,
looking quite a mess.


Meanwhile, the sports car that had lost control continued speeding towards the platform. There were
already people screaming shrilly and scattering in a frenzy. However, there were still two young girls
who seemed to be stunned by fear and remained motionless on the platform.

“Xiao-Ye, are we going to die?”

The two young girls were so scared that their legs turned to jelly. They couldn’t run at all. Meanwhile,
the roaring sports car was running at a terrifying speed. Just as it was about to crash into the two of
them and cause a tragedy.

A figure appeared suddenly in front of the two girls with a violent gust of wind.

“Wild Bovine’s Tread!”

Lin Feng descended like a god. He let out a furious roar, as if he had really transformed into a Wild
Bovine. All the muscles in his body bulged at once, and his strength erupted in an instant.


The out-of-control sports car collided fiercely with Lin Feng’s fist. How could a body of flesh and blood
be stronger than a body of steel? Everyone’s mouths were wide open. They did not want to see the

tragic scene that ensued.

However, the tragedy did not occur. With Lin Feng’s punch, the out-of-control sports car seemed to be
squeezed by an unstoppable force. The entire car shattered into pieces, and the car slid back for over
a hundred meters before stopping.


“Honey, look… Look, it’s Superman!”


Everyone was stunned, as if they could not believe what they were seeing.

“What Superman? He’s clearly a powerful professional martial artist!”

“He’s so strong. I’ve heard that professional martial artists are really, very strong, but I didn’t expect
them to be so strong. He smashed a sports car running at full force into pieces with a single punch.”

In modern society, many people already knew how powerful professional martial artists were. However,
those were just on television and were just a bunch of data. They hadn’t visualized it directly.

And now, seeing someone personally smashed a racing sports car with a punch, that was direct

“Everything okay?”

Lin Feng turned around. He realized that the two girls who were still in a daze were the young girls who
had sat beside him on the train.

“Ah… It’s you?”

“We’re fine. Thank… thank you.”

The two girls stammered as their emotions fluctuated. They had just escaped death, but they did not
expect that the one who saved them was that cold and handsome man. This was simply a huge

At this moment, the owner of the car had already arrived in front of Lin Feng. He sized Lin Feng up
carefully and could not help but click his tongue in wonder. “Impressive, pal. You destroyed my sports
car with a single punch and are still unscathed. You’re a high-level professional martial artist, right?
And you’re so young, too. Are you a student of the Myriad Academy?”

“How do you know?”

Lin Feng did not expect this orange-haired young man to know about the Myriad Academy.

“Haha, you really are a student of the Myriad Academy. You’re a freshman, right? I’m also a freshman.
Should we register at the Myriad University now? Come on, let’s go together.”

The young man immediately laughed. Then, he made a call and asked the two girls about the situation.
He also gave them a name card and said, “Are you guys alright? If anything is up, you can call the
name card. Someone will handle it for you. All right, now this guy and I are going to report at Myriad
Academy. Goodbye.”

Soon, another new sports car was driven to the station. More than ten staff members came to deal with
the accident. They were all arranged by the man with short orange hair.

Lin Feng was a little doubtful, but the man with short orange hair said, “Come on up. I wanted to try
manual operation for fun just now, but I didn’t expect it to malfunction. I’ll definitely leave it on
autonomous driving mode this time. Don’t worry.”

Modern cars were usually autonomous and very safe. The manual controls were basically canceled.
Only some of the best sports cars had manual controls. The accident just now was caused by the
orange-haired man’s manual control.

Although Lin Feng was somewhat displeased by this car owner’s impudence, he also found this person
very straightforward, so he did not pursue the matter further. He got into the car and quickly left the

Before the two girls could recover from their shock, one of the staff members said, “Sirs, we are the
people that Young Master Zhang sent to deal with this incident. If you have any requests, feel free to
tell us. We will satisfy them.”


The two of them felt like they were dreaming. They rejected the staff’s help. They were actually
completely uninjured, just a bit frightened.

“Did they just mention the Myriad Academy?”

“I think so. That handsome guy is also a student of the Myriad Academy.”

“The Myriad Academy is a place where only the rich and powerful can enter. I used to think that those
young heirs in the Myriad Academy are all scumbags, but this handsome guy seems to be pretty

“Luckily, I took a picture of him. I must show it off in my Moments. This incident is really too exciting.”

The two girls were secretly delighted and left the station in high spirits.

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