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Chapter 48 - Demon

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Chapter 48: Demon Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
“Haha, Chief Commander, you have to let us have some fun first this time.”
“That’s right. Chief Commander personally took action last time. How could there be anything left for us to do after that?”
“Chief Command, you can just command from the base this time. There’s no need for you to trouble yourself.”
Seeing that Long Duo was also preparing to strike, the other dozen or so inhuman experts hurriedly persuaded him. Long Duo was no ordinary inhuman expert. If Long Duo attacked, there’d be nothing left for them to do. Last time, it was precisely because Long Duo had attacked and killed three demons
in a row by himself that those dire beasts collapsed. The other inhuman experts did not even have the chance to attack.
Finding it both awkward and amusing, in the end, Long Duo could only nod helplessly and say, “All right, I won’t strike this time. You guys have to do a good job.”
“Chief Commander, don’t worry. We are enough to deal with merely six lesser demons!”
With that, the remaining 15 inhuman experts soared into the sky, turning into 15 streaks of light that flew towards the rear of the dire beast horde.
Martial artists on the battlefield naturally noticed such a huge commotion. Thus, all the martial artists cheered. Inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock were a guarantee of victory. As long as inhuman experts were mobilized, this decisive battle was basically won.
“Haha, I’m the fastest.”
These 15 streaks of light seemed to be competing with each other as well. The leader of Battalion Three was the first to fly to the rear of the dire beast horde. He suddenly descended from the sky, like a meteorite striking the ground.
‘The entire ground shook violently, and a terrifying shockwave spread in all directions. The surrounding dire beasts, be they ordinary dire beasts, elite dire beasts, or dire beast lords, were all blasted into a bloody mist without exception, scattering all over the ground.
At the same time, the inhuman expert laughed again and casually pressed down in the air. It was as if the air was compressed to the extreme before exploding abruptly.
All the dire beasts within a radius of a hundred meters were blasted into a bloody mist. They put up no resistance at all.
Lin Feng was shocked. He had gathered some information on inhuman experts, and had also deduced that inhuman experts were extremely strong. Without exception, they all had raw physical strength of at least 100 tons.
However, no matter how much information he gathered, it couldn’t be as stunning as witnessing it with his own eyes. The incredible power of an inhuman expert had already exceeded Lin Feng’s imagination.
No matter how many dire beast genes he fused, he likely would not be able to reach such a daunting level.
As the 15 inhuman experts descended, the dire beasts were immediately defeated. This was not a war, but a one-sided massacre.
Suddenly, a loud roar came from the rear of the dire beast horde. Just the roar alone was enough to strike fear into all the martial artists, and even shatter their eardrums. Some martial artists were injured just from the roar alone.
“Demon! It must be a demon!”
“Demons comparable to inhuman experts. This is the real decisive battle!”
Everyone knew very well that the true key to the decisive battle was the outcome of the battle between the experts who had broken the genetic lock and the demons. Otherwise, no matter how much advantage the martial artists had against the ordinary dire beasts, the tables might still be turned on them.
Right on the heels of that, everyone saw “behemoths” as massive as ten-story buildings appear one after another. These were demons, beings that were comparable to inhuman experts!
Just looking at their size alone was enough to make ordinary martial artists despair. No matter how many of them there were, what could they do against such a terrifying demon?
‘Whether one had broken the genetic lock was practically an insurmountable gap. It made a world of unimaginable difference.

One, two, three, four, five, six.
‘As the demons appeared, the terrifying demons also confronted the 15 inhuman experts. All the dire beasts went far away from the battlefield. This was a war that only belonged to the demons and the inhuman experts.
‘Those below the inhuman level could not even hope to approach them.
After the six demons, another demon appeared vaguely. Moreover, this demon was very different from other demons. Although it wasn’t the largest, its entire body was filled with countless wrinkles and tumors. It appeared like a huge worm.
The smiles on the originally relaxed inhuman experts froze.
Seven demons? Didn’t the intelligence say that there were only six demons?
Chief Commander Long Duo was overseeing the war at the base. His expression turned solemm all of a sudden as well. He immediately instructed his assistant, “Why are there seven demons? Quick, inform the intelligence department to investigate thoroughly. Why has this demon never been seen before?”
Long Duo was very irritated. This was a decisive battle, and the intelligence department had investigated for so long. How could they not have done a thorough investigation?
However, before Long Duo could express his anger, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He saw that there were actually even more demons behind those demons.
Eight, nine, ten.
As more and more demons appeared, neither Long Duo nor the 15 inhuman experts could find it in themselves to smile anymore. According to their intelligence, there were only six demons in the Dragon Mountain region, but now, a total of twelve demons had appeared!
These were twelve demons, double the number in the intelligence report.
Moreover, the more terrifying thing was that the six additional demons were all identical. They had the appearance of a huge worm, and were extremely grotesque and revolting.
This was even stranger. They had already investigated the dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain region thoroughly. Such dire beasts had never appeared in all these years. How could six additional demons that were obviously of the same race appear suddenly?
“Have they investigated things through? What kind of dire beast is this?”
Long Duo’s tone was very stern. The intelligence department had made an inexcusable error. There were somehow six demons missing from the investigation results, and such a mistake was simply unforgivable.
Beside him, the assistant’s forehead was filled with cold sweat. His communicator vibrated suddenly, and he hurriedly checked it. However, the assistant’s expression became more and more anxious. In the end, he could only say cautiously, “Chief Commander, the intelligence department doesn’t have any
information on these six demons. It’s as if they appeared out of thin air. The intelligence department even entered the database of all the dire beasts in the world to search about them, but they still didn’t find any information about these demons.”
“Therefore, the intelligence department determined that this is a new type of dire beast that is not in any records.”
“A new type of dire beast?”
Long Duo gritted his teeth. He felt the severity of the matter now. Normally, the appearance of a new dire beast horde was the portent of disaster. This was because humans did not understand these dire beasts at all, and did not have any idea what their abilities were.
In the past, he would have retreated immediately and waited until research has uncovered more information about these dire beasts before making a move. However, this was the decisive battle, and the war was already in a stalemate. If he retreated now, the entire Dragon Mountain Base would be
At that moment, Long Duo had a premonition: it couldn’t be a simple coincidence that these dire beasts had appeared at this exact moment.
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