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Chapter 18 - Bai Family

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Chapter 18: Bai Family Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
During the ride, Lin Feng asked Zhang QIji about the Bai family in detail.
True to his word, Zhang Qiji knew the Bai family very well.
The Bai family was one of the top business families in Delta City. However, it had nothing to do with martial arts. It was purely a commercial family. Their family’s assets even exceeded Zhang Qiji’s family.
Although the Bai family was not a martial clan and did not have any inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock overseeing it, they had a good working relationship with the military and the government. Therefore, their business was very expansive.
“Since it’s related to the military and the government, the government and the military can’t possibly ignore the threat from Long Weiping, right?”
Lin Feng asked in confusion.
“Heh, how can they ignore it? The military will definitely send experts over, but this matter regarding Long Weiping involves more than one or two families. Even the police department doesn’t have enough manpower, let alone experts above Grade Eight. However, considering the Bai family’s relationship with the military, the military will definitely send at least one high-level professional martial artist.”
“In addition, the police department and the Bai family are social recruiting high-level martial artists. Therefore, the Bai family is almost completely safe. You’re only there to make up the numbers.”
“They gave away at least 10 million just for me to make up the numbers?”
Lin Feng had a slight understanding about the Bai family’s ‘wealth’ now. Having requested Myriad Academy to post the protection mission, as long as someone accepted the mission, they would receive five points in three days, and the Bai family would have to pay a commission of at least 10 million yuan.
This was not something an ordinary wealthy family could do.
As for killing Long Weiping, the chances of Long Weiping coming to the Bai Family were very low in the first place, never mind whether or not they could kill him. Even if Long Weiping did come, the ten million spent would not be in vain if they could hold off Long Weipingfor a while longer.
“Zhang Qiji, you know so much about the Bai family. It’s not just because you are both families of the Delta City, right?”
Lin Feng also had a trace of doubt. Zhang Qiji was so solicitous the moment he heard that Lin Feng was going to the Bai family. Things were probably not as simple as Zhang Qiji made them out to be.
As expected, Zhang Qiji chuckled nervously. Then, he said sheepishly, “Actually, I’m already engaged to the third Young Mistress of the Bai family. Heh, I’m just coming along to visit my fiancée this. I can do that, right?”
Lin Feng understood. So such a coincidence could actually happen. However, considering Zhang Qiji’s profligate character, Lin Feng couldn’t quite believe that Zhang Qiji was just going for the sake of meeting a woman, even if she was his fiancée.
As Zhang Qiji explained, Lin Feng gradually understood. Zhang Qiji was initially a bit resentful towards this kind of arranged marriage. He was even rather unwilling. However, the moment this playboy saw the third Young Mistress of Bai family, Bai Jing, he was completely mesmerized by her.
From then on, Zhang Qiji even gave up his extravagant lifestyle just to win Bai Jing’s favor.
Lin Feng was a little curious. What kind of woman could make a profligate heir like Zhang Qiji change his ways?
The Bai family’s villa was in the center of the city and occupied a large area. This was a villa group, but the developer was the Bai family. Therefore, the Bai family’s villa looked more like a manor.
When Zhang Qiji’s car slowly came to a stop in front of the Bai Family villa, a few police officers immediately came forward to inquire. There were police officers standing guard both in the open and in the dark around the Bai Family villa. Furthermore, there were also a few sharp gazes watching the movements in front of the villa.
It seemed like just as Zhang Qiji had said, the Bai Family’s protective measures were already very much in place. He was just going through the motions here for free points.

“We are from the Myriad Academy, and we are here to protect the Bai family.”
“Myriad Academy?”
The police interrogated them for a while and finally confirmed Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji’s identities before allowing them to enter.
Upon entering the Bai residence, Lin Feng discovered that there were many people in the living room. The people seated on the sofa were probably the core members of the Bai family. There were three women and two men, as well as an elderly man and an elderly woman. They must be the patriarch and matriarch of the Bai family.
Apart from the core members of the Bai family, there were many armed police officers and a large number of bodyguards in black. However, what Lin Feng paid the most attention to was a tall man in sunglasses who was standing upright beside Old Master Bai. Looking at his standing posture, he must be a soldier. Lin Feng even sensed a hint of danger from him.
This was the most intuitive feeling Lin Feng had from fusing two types of dire beast genes.
“Qiji, the Myriad Academy sent you here?”
Old Master Bai naturally knew Zhang Qiji, and he also knew about Zhang Qiji’s situation. Hence, he frowned slightly. Although the Bai family had a lot of money, they weren’t fools. What was the use of sending Zhang Qiji here?
Zhang Qiji hurriedly shook his head and said, “Uncle Bai, you’ve got it wrong. It’s not me, but my friend Lin Feng! He’s much more powerful than me. Although he has just entered the Myriad Academy, he is very strong. It was also him who accepted the mission.”
“A new student?”
Old Master Bai still had some doubts. It was obvious that he did not quite trust in the strength of new students of the Myriad Academy. After all, they might be dealing with a murderous criminal like Long Weiping this time. However, since the Myriad Academy had already issued the mission and someone had accepted it, he could not protest about it.
“Lin Feng, the Bai family welcomes you. Thank you in advance for your hard work for the next three days.”
“You’re too kind, Old Master. This is my responsibility.”
Lin Feng replied indifferently. He then checked around upstairs and downstairs, looking for places with weak defenses. However, he found that every blind spot and every weak area had already been taken care of. There was nothing that necessitated his work at all.
Since everything was prepared, Lin Feng could only be willing to get five points for free. Hence, he sat down and closed his eyes to rest.
Zhang Qiji also took the opportunity to approach the youngest of the three sisters in the Bai family, Bai Jing.
“Jingjing, you must be worried and scared for these past few days. But you can rest assured now. With Brother Feng around, there won’t be any problems for sure. Even if Long Weiping comes, he’ll be done for.”
Zhang Qiji said confidently as he patted his chest. He was very confident in Lin Feng.
The second Young Mistress of the Bai family could not help but laugh out loud all of a sudden. She glanced at Lin Feng, who was resting with his eyes closed, and said, “Zhang Qiji, do you think we don’t know what your friends are like? He’s just a freeloader. I don’t know how he accepted the mission.”
Zhang Qiji frowned. He knew that he didn’t have a good image before the Bai family, and this was all due to his mistakes in the past. But for Bai Jing’s sake, he had worked hard to change.
Moreover, the second Young Mistress of the Bai family was dubious of Lin Feng. This was something Zhang Qiji could not tolerate. Hence, Zhang Qiji could not help but retort, “Hmph, Brother Feng isn’t freeloading. If Long Weiping really dares to come, you’ll really have to thank Brother Feng and me.”
The second Young Mistress of the Bai family sneered in disbelief.
Bai Jing glanced at Lin Feng as well. She had a gentle personality and said softly, “Qiji, no matter what, we have to thank you. However, Long Weiping fought with dire beasts in the Outland. Even Colonel Ouyang, who was sent by the military to protect us, can’t say that he can defeat Long Weiping for certain.”
The Colonel Ouyang that Bai Jing was referring to was the man in sunglasses standing next to Old Master Bai. He was specially sent by the military to protect old Master Bai.
“Jingjing, just trust me this time. Besides, the military is specially protecting Old Master Bai. Can he protect you if there’s any danger? But with Brother Feng around, he will definitely do his best to protect us on the account of our friendship.”
Bai Jing was no fool either. She pondered for a moment and agreed with his reasoning. The military only cared about Old Master Bai. What did the safety of the rest of the Bai family have to do with the military? If any danger really occurred, the military would only protect Old Master Bai.
“Thank you, Qiji. However, I still hope that these three days will pass in peace.”
Bai Jing prayed in a low voice. Three days. This was also the time the government needed to send experts to surround and kill Long Weiping. No matter what, they would definitely capture or kill Long Weiping in three days.
Thus, all they needed to do was get through three days.
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