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Chapter 19 - Three Days

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Chapter 19: Three Days Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Zhang Qiji kept chatting with Bai Jing to improve their relationship. He didn’t have a care for the danger here at all. He wasn’t afraid of any danger if he could spend more time with Bai Jing.
Lin Feng occasionally opened his eyes. When he saw the smile on Zhang Miracle’s face, the corners of his lips also curled into a smile. Since he had known Zhang Qiji, this was the first time he had seen Zhang Qiji so proactive. It seemed like he had truly fallen in love with Bai Jing. Otherwise, with Zhang Qiji’s profligate character, he definitely wouldn’t be doing this.
Bai Jing was indeed beautiful and graceful. She was also poised and had a gentle personality. If the two of them could really get together, it would indeed be a fine relationship.
When Lin Feng saw Bai Jing, Qu Chen’s image appeared in his mind. He wondered how Qu Chen was doing in the Polar Academy. The competition between the top three martial arts schools in the world was intense. He wondered if Qu Chen could hold out.
However, these thoughts only flashed through Lin Feng’s mind. He quickly got rid of these messy thoughts. If he did not break the genetic lock, nothing could be decided. Now, his goal was to break the genetic lock and become inhuman. As for other matters, they could be considered in the future.
Time passed slowly. One day, two days…
There was still the last night. It was very peaceful during this period of time. The Bai family did not encounter any trouble.
However, they heard that Long Weiping had yet to be captured, but those Grade Nine professional experts had already found his whereabouts. It seemed like they were not far from catching him for good.
Lin Feng cleared his mind. He had been sensing the condition within his body for the past two days. He had the Wild Bovine’s True Intent, so he could sense the power of the Wild Bovine’s genes clearly.
However, Lin Feng had never been able to sense any aura of the Unicorn after fusing the Unicorn genes. In fact, he had not been affected at all.
This was extremely abnormal. If he could not sense it, it would mean that Lin Feng had not grasped the power of the Unicorn genes. Even after fusing with the genes, the power of the genes remained dormant in Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng could not mobilize it at all.
If he could not mobilize the power of the unicorn genes, then what was the point of continuing to fuse genes? He would probably never be able to break the genetic lock. This was also why Lin Feng was so eager to purchase the Nonuple Body Tempering.
Once he learned the Nonuple Body Tempering, doubling his strength was secondary. The key was that it would allow Lin Feng to control all the genetic power fused within his body. This way, Lin Feng could continue to rely on the genetic fusion device to fuse genes. Only then would he have a chance to break the genetic lock in the future.
Lin Feng’s mind was very clear. At this moment, he had already completely integrated with the Wild Bovine’s True Intent. It was as if he had transformed into a real Wild Bovine, galloping through the wilderness.
This feeling was too wonderful.
Nighttime had already fallen now. It was very quiet outside the villa, with only the faint sound of the wind beating against the windows.
Suddenly, in his ethereal state, Lin Feng seemed to feel a fiendish aura approaching. His body had undergone fusion with Wild Bovine genes, and his physical fitness had improved comprehensively. In terms of physical fitness, he was definitely stronger than a Grade Nine professional martial artist.
“Someone’s here!”
Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes. Hearing his words, everyone became nervous, especially Colonel Ouyang next to Old Master Bai. Colonel Ouyang immediately tensed up and scanned outside the living room.
“Go out and take a look?”
The policemen in the living room looked at each other, then at Lin Feng and Colonel Ouyang. Finally, they gritted their teeth and slowly pushed open the living room door.
Outside the main door, the wind howled, combined with the sound of raindrops pattering on the ground. However, there was no sign of anyone at all. Even when the police called the police who were secretly standing guard outside, they did not discover anything.

“No findings.”
The policeman glared at Lin Feng.
Old Master Bai glanced at Colonel Ouyang beside him and asked softly, “Colonel Ouyang, did you discover anything?”
Colonel Ouyang hesitated for a moment and even glanced at Lin Feng, but he shook his head and said, “I didn’t discover anything either.”
Hearing Colonel Ouyang’s words, everyone relaxed. The second Young Mistress of the Bai family went so far as to roll her eyes. “Don’t spook people if there’s nothing going on..”
Zhang Qiji hurriedly said, “Brother Feng wouldn’t spout nonsense. Someone must have approached just now.”
“Is he more powerful than Colonel Ouyang?”
Initially, Zhang Qiji wanted to argue, but after a moment of consideration, he did not say anything else. Colonel Ouyang was an expert sent by the military. Even if Lin Feng was a genius of the Myriad Academy, he couldn’t say that Lin Feng was stronger than an expert from the military.
Faced with everyone’s discontent, Lin Feng’s expression remained unchanged, appearing very calm. Since he had took the mission, he wouldn’t really just take the money for nothing.
His senses could not be wrong. Ever since he had fused the Wild Bovine genes, Lin Feng’s senses were extremely sharp. Someone had indeed approached the living room just now.
Perhaps it was someone standing guard in secret, or perhaps itwas an animal, but it was better to be safe than sorry.
“I think nothing will happen today. This is already the last night. I have to go upstairs to sleep.”
The second Young Mistress of the Bai family stretched. The core members of the Bai family were required to stay in the living room for the past two days. With so many people around, how could they possibly rest soundly?
Now, the second Young Mistress of the Bai family couldn’t tolerate it anymore and wanted to return to her room to rest.
Everyone also felt that most likely, nothing will happen, and relaxed their minds. However, Lin Feng’s sharp senses told him that someone was approaching again.
This time, he could even feel the opponent’s powerful essence.
“Someone’s here!”
“Still trying to trick me?”
The second Young Mistress of the Bai family sneered. However, just as she finished speaking, a figure crashed through the wall near the stairs in the living room.
As the wall was smashed through, a black shadow flew towards the Second Mistress of the Bai family like a ghost.
Everyone was stunned. For a moment, there was no movement.
In a breath’s time, the black shadow approached the second Young Mistress of the Bai family. Then, it stretched out its hand and made a grabbing motion. The second Young Mistress of the Bai Clan had a terrified expression on her face, but it was futile. Her head was instantly crushed by the black shadow like a watermelon. Red and white splattered all over the ground.
“Ah… Fire, fire!”
“It’s Long Weiping! He… He really came!”
The scene was in chaos. No one had expected Lin Feng to be telling the truth. Long Weiping had really come, and had killed the second Young Mistress of the Bai family.
As soon as the second daughter of the Bai family died, the police and bodyguards reacted. The police fired wildly, and the bodyguards rushed towards Long Weiping valiantly.
However, all these were useless against the epitome of a Grade Eight professional martial artist.
Long Weiping’s essence erupted. A scarlet shadow seemed to appear around him. It was almost as if his entire being had turned into a shadow. In the blink of an eye, he had killed more than ten bodyguards and police officers. He rushed towards Bai Jing at top speed.
Zhang Qiji clenched his teeth and shielded Bai Jing immediately. He was at least a Grade Four professional martial artist. In this moment, there was no choice but to step forward.
Yet Colonel Ouyang, who was the closest, didn’t move a muscle. It was as if he had no intention of striking. Just as Zhang Qiji had said, Colonel Ouyang only intended to protect Old Master Bai. The safety of the rest of the Bai family had nothing to do with him!
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