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Chapter 33 - Dragon Mountain Base

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Chapter 33: Dragon Mountain Base Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Subspecies Wolves were social dire beasts. When they discovered that the Alpha Wolf had died, they would quickly leave.
Many Subspecies Wolves quickly retreated. In the blink of an eye, only a great number of Subspecies Wolves’ corpses were left behind. The air was still filled with the thick smell of blood.
When many people looked at Lin Feng again, their gazes were now filled with shock and reverence. No matter who it was, in the Outland, powerful martial artists were naturally respected.
A strange light flashed across Xuan’s eyes. She was once a student of the Polar Academy, and she knew very well what it meant that Lin Feng was able to kill the Alpha Wolf with one punch.
Such strength was definitely top-tier even in the Myriad Academy. There was even a chance that he could break through the genetic lock and become inhuman.
Perhaps, Lin Feng’s trip to the Outland this time was to break through the genetic lock through life-or-death trials. However, she didn’t quite understand why Lin Feng would accept such a mission with so little reward.
Regardless of the reason Lin Feng joined the team, Xuan would still express her gratitude. Without Lin Feng, they would be in trouble this time.
Thus, Xuan walked up and expressed her gratitude to Lin Feng.
“Thank you for your help.”
“Since I accepted the mission, I should take action. There’s no need to thank me.”
Beside him, Xiao Mo’s face was flushed red with embarrassment. She saw clearly that Lin Feng had indeed saved everyone this time.
Feng Xiu sneered, “With Brother Feng helping, everything will be resolved. Don’t worry, with Brother Feng around, as long as we don’t encounter any dire beast kings, there won’t be any trouble.”
“Hmph, talking big again.”
Xiao Mo simply didn’t get along with Feng Xiu. Even though she knew that Lin Feng’s abilities were formidable, she still felt that Feng Xiu was exaggerating things.
The strength of the Subspecies Wolves wasn’t great. Even dire beast lords differed in strength. There were some ferocious dire beast lords that even ten or so peak professional Grade Nine martial artists wouldn’t be able to defeat.
As for the dire beast kings, they were basically calamities. Once they appeared, the entire convoy would be annihilated.
“Talking big? Brother Feng is one of the top 100 students of our Myriad Academy’s Virtual Battle Chamber!”
Feng Xiu’s face was filled with reverence. Although he had been defeated by Lin Feng and was even somewhat discontent, ever since Lin Feng had entered the top 100 of the Virtual Battle Chamber, he had thoroughly accepted his defeat.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so willing to follow Lin Feng to the Outland.
“Virtual Battle Chamber? What’s that?”
Xiao Mo cocked her head to the side with a puzzled look on her face. On the other hand, Xuan’s expression changed slightly. As a former student of the Polar Academy, she naturally knew what the Virtual Battle Chamber was. This was something found in all three top-notch martial academies, and she was well aware of what being the top 100 entailed.
“It’s our honor that the two of you can accept this mission. As long as you can escort us safely to the Dragon Mountain Base, we are willing to give you ten more points each.”

Ten points would be ten million, and for two people, it would be 20 million. This was not a small number, especially for a small trading company. This trip to the Outland would make at most 100 or 200 million in profits. Moreover, the remuneration for the various professional martial artists who were invited must be excluded. In actuality, there wouldn’t be much left after.
“Sister Xuan.”
Xiao Mo was a bit anxious, but Xuan waved her hand and stopped her from speaking.
Lin Feng glanced at Xuan. He wouldn’t actually reject her offer, so he nodded and said, “All right.”
“Heh, little girl, it’s your gain even if you add 20 million more,” Feng Xiu said while laughing.
With Lin Feng’s assurance, Xuan finally heaved a sigh of relief. Even though she had an additional 20 million, it was worth it, especially since they had already encountered a herd of dire beasts. With Lin Feng, a top 100 student of the Myriad Academy, there was no doubt that their safety was a major guarantee.
The rest of the journey was much smoother. Even though the convoy would occasionally encounter some dire beasts, they could easily deal with the beasts just by relying on the other professional martial artists in the convoy. There wasn’t actually the need for Lin Feng to act.
Finally, ten days later, the convoy arrived at Dragon Mountain Base.
Dragon Mountain Base was huge and lively. It was one of the many bases in the Outland, and it was considered a relatively safe one.
Hence, business here was booming, too.
Freelance martial artists or adventuring martial artists would come to explore the Outland, and bases were where they recuperated and resupplied.
When Lin Feng and the others walked into the Dragon Mountain Base, such was the scene they saw. People were busy everywhere. Sometimes, someone would be carrying a dire beast that looked like a small mountain, looking excited.
At this time, many people would be envious. These were all freelance martial artists. If they could kill a dire beast lord, they would be able to sell it for at least 10 million, or even more.
Thus, professional martial artists, especially those who roamed the Outland, were mostly rather wealthy. They could obtain large amounts of money just by hunting dire beasts.
Money could also bring resources and increase their strength, forming a positive cycle.
However, there were far too few high-level martial artists that could hunt dire beast lords alone. Moreover, they would often encounter dangers in the Outland. They might even be devoured by dire beasts the next day.
After the trading company was escorted to the designated location, Xuan started to settle the remuneration.
Some martial artists would continue to escort the trading company back to Delta, while some martial artists would stay at Dragon Mountain Base to hunt dire beasts and earn money.
Lin Feng and Feng Xiu were both remunerated. With three points and the additional 10 million yuan, which would be 10 points, Lin Feng earned 13 points from this trip alone.
Actually, this was not bad at all. It was equivalent to killing a dire beast lord.
Moreover, that was not all. As Lin Feng killed two Alpha Wolves, both of which were dire beast lords, the caravan also brought the corpses to the base. They sold for 23 million in total. Lin Feng earned 60% himself and the remaining 40% was given to the caravan.
Thus, this amounted to about 13.38 million. Xuan topped up 200 thousand to make a total of 14 million, or about 14 points.
In other words, Lin Feng had obtained 27 points in just one escort mission, which was close to 30 million.
The other martial artists in the convoy were all incredibly envious. They could earn at most a few million in a single trip, and it would be at the risk of their lives.
However, although they were envious of Lin Feng, they also knew that top-tier martial artists like Lin Feng could earn money very quickly in the Outland. Every top-tier martial artist in the Outland was well-off.
Lin Feng was very satisfied with earning 27 points as well.
“All right, we have to report to the base of the Myriad Academy now. I hope that we can work together again in the future.”
Xuan smiled and said, “I can’t afford to hire a top-notch martial artist like you. See you in the future.”
After bidding farewell to Xuan, Lin Feng and Feng Xiu headed to the base of the Myriad Academy.
As she watched the two of them leave, Xiao Mo muttered, “Sister Xuan, if not for that incident, you’d have stayed in the Polar Academy and certainly wouldn’t be any worse off than that guy.”
Xuan shook her head and heaved a long sigh, “Xiao Mo, you don’t understand. Even if I’m still in the Polar Academy, I’m still far from Lin Feng’s level. If he doesn’t die, perhaps in a few years’ time, the Dragon Mountain Base will see another powerful inhuman expert.”
“Sister Xuan, you believe that he can break the genetic lock?”
Xiao Mo’s eyes widened in disbelief.
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