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Chapter 40 - Purchasing Two Levels of Martial Arts

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Chapter 40: Purchasing Two Levels of Martial Arts Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“Look, aren’t those the Dire Beast Reapers who appeared at the base lately?”
“Dire Beast Reapers? I’ve heard of them as well. They always seem to operate in a group of two. The one called Feng Xiu is slightly inferior, but he’s also a top-notch Grade Nine professional martial artist. The one called Lin Feng is truly terrifying. He’s one of the top 100 students in the Virtual Battle Chamber!”
“Top 100? We have quite a few top 100 students at the base too, but they don’t appear to be as scary, do they? In the past three months, Lin Feng and Feng Xiu have almost wiped out all the dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain area. This is definitely not something an ordinary top 100 student can do.”
“That’s right. Looking at the merit rankings, Lin Feng’s merit points have already reached over 12,000. It’s only been three months.”
“Hmph, so what if he’s strong? He’s just a coward. He only dares to hide at the back and sneakily sweep through everything. If he is so talented, he should go to the front lines.”
“That’s true. Lin Feng is so powerful. Why doesn’t he dare to go to the front lines?”
When Lin Feng and Feng Xiu returned to the base, countless gazes swept over them. They were no longer unknown. They could even be considered famed, and were known as Dire Beast Reapers.
Every time they returned to the base, the two of them would receive a lot of attention.
Although there were some people who were envious and jealous, Lin Feng and Feng Xiu didn’t take them seriously. For Feng Xiu especially, the experience over the past three months was like a fantasy.
In only three months, he had actually earned more than 3,000 points. He knew very well that this was all because of Lin Feng. Although most of the dire beasts were killed by Lin Feng, there would always be some who slipped through the net if he followed Lin Feng, and Feng Xiu wouldn’t be in danger, so he would naturally be able to obtain many points.
With so many points to purchase resources, Feng Xiu could also improve his strength further in a short period of time.
“Brother Feng, where are we going this afternoon?”
Feng Xiu had already fallen in love with this feeling of “sweeping”. It was not challenging or dangerous at all. Moreover, they could earn a lot of points. He couldn’t find such a good deal anywhere else.
However, this time, Lin Feng shook his head and said, “It’s already been three months. Let’s take a break first and use the points to improve our strength.”
“That’s right, improving strength is necessary. I won’t disturb Brother Feng then.”
Feng Xiu quickly bid farewell and left. He also needed to make use of such a great amount of points to improve his strength.
Lin Feng did not pay attention to the discussions of the other martial artists at the base. With his vicious reputation as the Dire Beast Reaper, no one dared to make things difficult for him. Hence, he left the hall without hassle and returned to his dormitory.
In the dormitory, Lin Feng checked his points immediately.
“12,363 points and about the same number of merit points. So I can actually buy the second and third levels of Nonuple Body Tempering.”
Lin Feng had long coveted the second and third levels of the Nonuple Body Tempering. He realized that the Nonuple Body Tempering was very suitable for him. Even the Invincible Fist Sage, who had created the Nonuple Body Tempering, must not have expected that someone would be able to bring out the full potential of the Nonuple Body Tempering.
If Lin Feng could master the second or even third level of Nonuple Body Tempering, he could increase his current strength by three times at most. His punch could even reach a terrifying 32 tons.
How terrifying was this?

Of course, it didn’t mean that the more strength one had, the more powerful one would be. But without a doubt, strength was an important measure of power. No matter what methods one used, one couldn’t resist the unparalleled strength from a punch.
“I’ve heard that the inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock can easily achieve more than a hundred tons of strength. I wonder if I can achieve more than a hundred tons of strength after I fuse genes and with Nonuple Body Tempering.”
Lin Feng also had a trace of anticipation in his heart. Although he had yet to break the genetic lock, and there were no signs at all, he was gradually learning the details of the inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock.
For example, for legendary inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock, even without using martial arts, they could exert more than a hundred tons of force with their pure physical strength.
As for the more powerful inhuman experts, their strength might be even more terrifying. However, none of the inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock had less than 100 tons of pure physical strength.
Pure physical strength was not the foundation of inhuman experts, but it was one of the characteristics of having broken the genetic lock. At least, Lin Feng had never heard of any professional martial artist who could exert 100 tons of strength.
Even the Demon King was far from 100 tons in strength.
Lin Feng, on the other hand, might very well break through this power limit. Of course, this was only a possibility. Lin Feng still had a long way to go.
Hence, Lin Feng immediately logged into the Myriad Academy’s online shop and used his identity card to purchase the second and third levels of Nonuple Body Tempering.
Nonuple Body Tempering required 1,000 points for the second level, 10,000 points for the third level, and 11,000 points for both levels.
However, Lin Feng’s current merit points exceeded 10,000. He could receive a 20% discount when making purchases in Myriad Academy. Hence, 11,000 points worth of goods could be purchased with 8,800 points.
Lin Feng did not hesitate at all. He bought two levels of Nonuple Body Tempering directly. The original 12,363 points became 3,563 points.
Although points were consumed very quickly, Lin Feng didn’t regret it in the slightest. If it could greatly increase his strength, he wouldn’t hesitate to buy it even at 100,000 points, let alone 10,000.
If points were not converted into power, it would just be a string of numbers.
Very soon, Lin Feng’s personal inbox showed the mnemonic for two levels of Nonuple Body Tempering. Lin Feng could not wait to start reading it. Of course, the first thing he checked was the second level of Nonuple Body Tempering.
The second level of Nonuple Body Tempering was simple and direct. It was to condense two Spiral Forces. Two simultaneous bursts of Spiral Forces could increase strength by two times.
Nonuple Body Tempering at the third level was the same. By condensing three Spiral Forces, three simultaneous bursts of Spiral Forces could increase strength by three times.
Furthermore, if he successfully condensed three Spiral Forces, he could also mobilize only one or two Spiral Forces at a time. This was truly miraculous.
However, even though the principles were similar, it was extremely difficult to condense two Spiral Forces. This was because Spiral Forces were not forces that really existed. They could only be unleashed from the strength of the entire body through a special method for incremental strength.
This didn’t mean that the Spiral Force was stored somewhere in the body and mobilized whenever one wanted to use it. It didn’t work like that at all. There was no actual force in it, but a type of technique.
There was no fundamental difference between the principles of two Spiral Forces and one Spiral Force. The principle was to control the entire body, so that one could produce two Spiral Forces and increase strength by twofold.
The difficult part of this was how to condense two Spiral Forces, and how to increase strength by twofold. If one could only obtain the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering, even if one knew the principle, it would be very difficult to condense two Spiral Forces.
However, this was a supreme martial art created by the Invincible Fist Sage after many years of experimentation. Naturally, it had a well-established system. Hence, Lin Feng found the key to condensing two and three Spiral Forces in the second and third levels of Nonuple Body Tempering.
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