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Chapter 20 - Lin Feng Strikes

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Chapter 20: Lin Feng Strikes Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“Qiji, you…”
Bai Jing watched as Zhang Qiji leapt before her and shielded her. She was actually very touched. Deep down, she was very unhappy with this arranged marriage between family, especially when Zhang Qiji was a typical hedonistic son of a wealthy family, who would take joy in picking up girls and racing cars every day.
Therefore, even though Zhang Qiji had improved his behavior recently, she still didn’t warm up towards him.
However, Bai Jing didn’t expect Zhang Qiji to go so far as to accompany her and step up to defend her in a life-or-death situation. Against the savage Long Weiping, what could a mere Grade Four martial artist like Zhang Qiji do?
Actually, Zhang Qiji was also terrified deep down, but he firmly believed that Lin Feng would save him. He even muttered under his breath, “Brother Feng, hurry up and make a move. Otherwise, I’m done for.”
Lin Feng had indeed made his move. He couldn’t possibly just watch Zhang Qiji die before him. Furthermore, he had gone all out when making his move—like a wild bovine, he leaped a few steps forward instantly and threw a punch.
When Lin Feng used the Wild Bovine’s Might, his strength could reach up to three tons. Hence, the pressure he exerted was immense. Even Zhang Qiji and Bai Jing, who were far away, felt as though they were about to suffocate, let alone Long Weiping.
At this critical moment, Long Weiping suddenly turned around and reached out with a clawed hand. His entire body was surrounded by his bloody essence, and his killing intent surged. There’s no knowing just how many dire beasts he had killed to attain such a terrifying killing intent. A martial artist with a slightly weaker will wouldn’t even have the courage to stand before him.
The two clashed head-on. Lin Feng had the upper hand in terms of strength, but Long Weiping’s force was very strange. It actually drilled towards Lin Feng’s body in a frenzy, forcing him to take a few steps back. It appeared like the two were evenly matched.
This was also the case in reality. Without a doubt, Lin Feng’s strength had already reached the level of a Grade Nine professional. Moreover, his physique was even stronger. Even if Long Weiping attacked with all his might, he would still be able to withstand it.
At present, Lin Feng only lacked profound martial arts and experience in mortal combat. Long Weiping was stronger in these two aspects. His had rich experience in mortal combat, and he also had profound and strange martial arts. His strength and physique were clearly inferior to Lin Feng’s, but he was not at a disadvantage and was evenly matched with Lin Feng.
How devastating was the clash between two high-level martial artists? Just the aftershock alone had already shaken the hall into shambles, causing dense cobweb-like fissures to appear on the ground.
Lin Feng glanced at Colonel Ouyang from the corner of his eye and shouted, “Colonel Ouyang, aren’t you coming up to help?”
Indeed, although Lin Feng was evenly matched with Long Weiping, he could not gain the upper hand. If this continued, he was afraid that Long Weiping would escape.
After all, this was equivalent to 50 points. He would be able to obtain 50 points as long as he could kill Long Weiping. This was a great opportunity that Lin Feng had never dreamed of, but now he had really encountered it.
Fortunately, Lin Feng had fought many battles in the Virtual Battle Chamber previously, which had increased his combat experience. In addition, his physical fitness was indeed superior to that of Long Weiping’s, which allowed him to fight evenly with Long Weiping. If not, he would already be in grave danger now.
After all, every expert in martial arts had been honed by life-or-death battles. Peacetime martial artists in the arena were far inferior to martial artists who countered death and fought dire beasts in the Outland.
At the side, Bai Jing and the rest were stunned. They never expected Lin Feng to be so powerful. Zhang Qiji wasn’t bragging at all.
Zhang Qiji was even more pleased with himself. He laughed and said, “Jingjing, how is it? Brother Feng very powerful, right? I wasn’t lying to you. Brother Feng is a true prodigy!”
Bai Jing was full of worry. She looked at Old Master Bai and said, “Dad, it’s difficult for Lin Feng to subdue Long Weiping alone.”

Old Master Bai undoubtedly knew what his daughter meant. He pondered for a while, then said to Colonel Ouyang, “Colonel Ouyang, now is the best opportunity to kill Long Weiping. Please assist Lin Feng in killing Long Weiping.”
Colonel Ouyang was also paying attention to the battle situation. Now was indeed a chance to kill Long Weiping. As long as he killed Long Weiping, his mission would be completed ahead of time, and he wouldn’t have to stand guard next to Old Master Bai all the time.
“All right.”
Colonel Ouyang also attacked. His fist was like a flood dragon soaring into the sky. There was a faint dragon’s roar, and the surrounding air was instantly compressed to the extreme.
“What a powerful fist technique! It’s another profound martial art!”
Lin Feng lifted his head and glanced at Colonel Ouyang. The other party’s fist technique focused on binding and suppressing. Once he joined the battlefield, Long Weiping was immediately suppressed.
After all, Long Weiping was facing two martial arts experts who were not inferior to him in the least.
Long Weiping roared furiously. The bloody aura on his being seemed to explode all of a sudden. He leaped backwards, intending to escape.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
Colonel Ouyang’s movement was swift and stealthy as a ghost. In the blink of an eye, he was behind Long Weiping, immediately blocking Long Weiping’s path of retreat. Although Colonel Ouyang didn’t seem to have much strength or attack power, his movement technique was indeed very unpredictable. Even Lin Feng couldn’t see his image clearly.
However, Colonel Ouyang could only impede Long Weiping. It’s still up to Lin Feng to defeat or even kill Long Weiping.
Long Weiping’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with madness. His retreat was blocked, and he could only use all his strength to deal with them. However, his weakness was revealed.
“Good opening.”
Lin Feng’s eyes lit up, and he took a deep breath.
He bellowed.
All of a sudden, it was as if a gigantic wild bovine dashed out of the wilderness and stomped down.
“Wild Bovine’s Tread!”
Lin Feng had unleashed this punch to its fullest extent. Moreover, he had already completely integrated his consciousness into the true intent of the martial art. At this moment, it was as if he had really transformed into a gigantic wild bovine.
Lin Feng’s fist landed fiercely on Long Weiping’s chest. The entire villa seemed to be shaking. Long Weiping’s chest collapsed immediately, and he fell hard onto the ground like a kite with its string severed.
“I… I can’t accept this!”
Long Weiping could no longer live. This madman started his insane revenge due to the deaths of his wife and daughter. Eventually, he reached a dead end.
This was a pitiful man too!

Long Weiping was dead, but the matter was not over yet. The police quickly called those few professional Grade Nine martial artists to confirm Long Weiping’s identity.
Soon, the people arrived. After they learned about the situation, they looked at Lin Feng in surprise. It was hard to believe that Lin Feng was the one who killed Long Weiping.
However, Lin Feng was a student of the Myriad Academy. Even inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock had apprehensions about the Myriad Academy, let alone them.
Hence, Long Weiping’s identity was quickly confirmed. Lin Feng was the one who killed him, so he could obtain 50 points smoothly. In addition to the five points from protecting the Bai family for three days, that was a total of 55 points. The gains this time were indeed very generous.
“Old Master Bai, I have to return to school to turn in my mission. Goodbye.”
Just as Lin Feng was about to leave, Old Master Bai held him back and said, “Lin Feng, if not for you just now, I’m afraid our family would have met with disaster this time. You killed Long Weiping and worked hard for all these days. We are willing to give you an additional 20 million commission as a token of appreciation.”
“20 million?”
Lin Feng thought for a moment and understood. The Bai family was trying to display goodwill towards him. By giving him an additional 20 million, if the Bai family had any similar troubles in the future, they would not even need to go through the Myriad Academy, and could just contact Lin Feng directly.
Lin Feng needed money at the moment, so he did not refuse.
“Thank you, Old Master Bai. This is my contact number. If anything similar happens in the future, you can find me again.”
With that, Lin Feng bade farewell to the Bai family and left the Bai family with Zhang Qiji.
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